‘Women Suffer in Silence’: New Study Finds Way to Spot Endometriosis Without Surgery | NBC New York

Is Iran Leading the Earth Citizens Into World War III?

Iran now has over 26,000 known centrifuge units enriching Uranium to weapons grade in underground facilities and labs. Why is this a problem, many nations have nuclear weapons capabilities? Well, because Iran sponsors international terrorist groups like Hezbollah, to the tune of about 100 million dollars per year, although that figure is slightly down right now due to the economic collapse of Iran.

Water Conservation Efforts in Australia

While Australia is not the driest continent on the earth, it is second only to Antarctica. The key difference between the two continents is that Antarctica is not inhabited. Australia is populated and the population is growing. For far too long we have lived as though we had an abundance of water and this could not be further from the truth. There is not even enough water in some of largest rivers to still be able to make it to the sea without intervention by man and machine. Over a decade of drought cannot even be undone by one heavy monsoon season.

The Colombia FTA is an Economic Stimulus That Doesn’t Cost $25 Billion

The election campaign has ended, but Commerce Secretary Gutierrez is still on the campaign trail for the Colombia free-trade agreement (FTA). This week, he was on the hustings at the Small Business Administration trade symposium. The message: we must pass the Colombia free-trade agreement “with the same sense of urgency that we passed a stimulus package several months ago.” He’s right.

Social Wellness and World Peace Issues – President Barack Obama – Spiritual Meanings of Numbers Pt 1

In this series of social wellness and world peace issues that, we look at interesting nuggets of information and relate them to the Presidency of Barack Obama. It is hoped that this will assist to put some aspects of his transformational vision into perspective. This first of the spiritual meaning of numbers mini series within the larger ongoing series will look at the importance of the number eight.

Rising Population of India

India has always been in the forefront for the good and most of the times for the bad. Recently with the ever increasing terrorist attacks, the vulnerability of the country has increased. But worst than all these is the increasing population in India read this article and find out how rising population is affecting India and its growth.

Taj Mahal – The Voice of Mumbai

Will Taj be the same again? Will the top brass people of the corporate world come out of the woods of the broken heart to forget their past and make Taj their rendezvous once again? Would Taj mean business as usual? Will the delicate merger of two souls leading to one’s espousal be celebrated once again in the Taj? Well, time changes many aspects of one’s life and so will the Bade Miya, The Taj.

How Much Have The Present Economic Crisis Affected People Globally?

At this present slump economy which had affected the working class globally, what will be the common phrases do you hear from family members, friends, neighbours and newspaper. “Honey, I lost my job” next “Our Company had laid-off a few hundred workers” next “We are financially strapped, how we are going to pay our daily bills” next “XXX Company is laying off hundreds of workers to reduce cost”. The International Labour Organisation predicted about 20 million people going to lose their jobs with ongoing of this fearful economic crisis.

European Environmental Climate Sheds Uncertainty on Brominated Products

The European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances and Waste in Electrical and Electronic Equipment directives earlier this decade added emphasis to the worldwide recognition of the effects that chemical compounds have on the health and safety of both humans and the planet. In response, several large corporations are developing phase out plans for brominated flame retardants, and exploring alternatives to environmentally questionable substances. But the quest for new materials raises an entirely new set of problems.

Second Life of Sixty Plus Seniors – Exploratory Study of Generation M (Mature) In Mumbai

Generation M or Sixty Plus seniors is an important segment which cannot be stereotyped. According to an exploratory study done by Jasravee Kaur, Partner, Master Sun Consulting, the Generation M has radically different needs and aspirations that needs to be tapped by marketers, advertisers & businessmen.

Is Terrorism a Part of Globalization?

In the world today, there is a growing trend in violence, both domestically and internationally, in the form of terrorism. It is present in our everyday lives and in every part of the world-some more than others.

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