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Arab League to Observe and Monitor Syrian Crisis – Why Not Use Small Drones to Watch?

The Arab League has arrived to monitor the Syrian Crisis, great but what exactly are they going to be looking at from the ground which will shed any light on the reality – I ask? Riding around in Army vehicles through the streets of protestors isn’t exactly safe, and they are liable to be targets, which is a bad scene to begin with, which certainly won’t help the protestors cause. Will the observers get constant updates from ‘Twitter’ to go check the validity of the tweets in real-time?

Greek Gift: A Crisis And Its Global Shockwaves

A Specter is hovering above the global community: The specter of hunger. Since the economic meltdown of 2007 to 2009, so much has happened to undermine the recovery effects of the world financial system. Natural disasters, corporate greed and widening divide between the economically buoyant countries and the impoverished ones bred uncertainties in the global economy and splattered blood on the floor of the world’s stock markets in a horrendous bears rampage that left investors all over the world bruised.

Deadly NATO Attack On Pakistan – Future Of the Pakistan-US Relationship

The recent NATO attack on Pakistani border outposts that claimed 24 lives of Pakistani soldiers had been widely condemned in Pakistan. The tragic incident has further damaged the already fragile relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan. Perhaps, however, this ratcheting up of tensions could be the needed call for restoring that relationship and in so doing set the region on a renewed path to lasting peace.

All Blue Eyed People Are Related

A new research shows the blue-eyes didn’t exist from the start. It was caused by mutation of OCA2 gene, which is responsible for producing a pigment that colors our hair and eyes. The research also states that only brown eyed people existed back then, So all blue eyed people belong to the same ancestors If you meet a blue-eyed person, he might be your distant cousin, Make sure to give him a hug. The mutation isn’t a dangerous or drastic one, It only effected the eye color, no sign of characteristic differences in aging, hair color…

Samoa to Go Through ‘TimeWarp’

Since 1892, Samoa has been one of the last places to celebrate entering the new year. But this year that will be different.

Israel and Palestine Existentialism in Brotherhood

A particular community is a favorite, another particular community is held in disdain and the trend changes to suit the flavor of the audience, not necessarily based on the goodness or badness of the communities. Why would the globe be so interested in these;two particular communities and the interest has reached a level that drove the globe to invent a method to highlight the particular likes and dislikes, placed their respectful observations, devote time to monitor and supervise their actions? The creation of Israel by the UN in 1947 under the leadership of Britain…

Nepal Is the Country With the Lowest Human Development Index (HDI) in Asia

Nepal falls among the group of countries with the least HDI (Human Development Index) owing to the poor economic condition of the nation. It is the only country after Afghanistan in Asia, which is ranked last in HDI report. According to the annual report published by United Nation Development Program (UNDP)’s 20th Human Development Report (HDR), it’s HDI for the year 2010 is 0. 458.

The Next Solar Eclipse – The Beginning of the End?

The next solar eclipse in 2012 could very well be merely another one of nature’s spectacles, but to some it symbolizes the start to the end of the world. It is no wonder that in many countries and throughout history solar eclipses have been viewed with dread.

Once a Revolutionary – Always a Revolutionary I Guess?

After a revolution ends, there will always be some who are not happy with the ending, or cannot ditch the killing and combat mode for the milder version of political sound and fury – John Wilkes Booth for instance. Still, until, each side is willing to bury the hatchet, there can be no long term peace, and little chance for societal stability. Okay, so let’s talk about Libya, one of the most recent cases in point, shall we?

You Know, Maybe Humans Are Doomed to Repeat Their History Whether They Study It or Not?

Lord Acton had many famous quotes, and perhaps one of the most famous of all, at least in the present period, was his quote regarding history; “those who fail to study their history are doomed to repeat it.” That is a good quote isn’t it, and I’d say there is a bit of truth to it, however, I would also like to make some other statements about that quote. So let’s talk about this for a few moments shall we?

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