Woman Attacked With Feces to Face, Head While Waiting for NYC Subway at Rush Hour | News 4 Now

Could Katla, Eyjafjoell’s Giant Volcanic Neighbor Soon Erupt?

Katla aptly named the “witches Volcano,” is now loudly grumbling, and this could spell greater trouble for Europe. Could Katla, Eyjafjoell’s Giant Volcanic Neighbor soon Erupt?

Arm-Twisting With Hungry, Not With Hunger

Government of India is in a process to enact a national food security law to prevent people from hunger and starvation. The question is will be able to do so by following the proposed draft of food security bill?

Haiti’s Reconstruction Offers Hope to Millions

The United States commitment to rebuilding Haiti hopes to do more than restore buildings and infrastructure. They look to help the country rebuild itself after the earthquake into a modern country and “decentralize the economy,” which they hope will generate prosperity and jobs outside the country’s capital of Port-au-Prince. The country has its work cut out with an estimated total of $8 to $14 billion of damages and over 300,000 killed.

Plumbing Jobs ‘Could Be Generated’ by Scrappage Scheme

More people may be interested in plumbing courses now that the Scottish government has introduced a boiler scrappage scheme. Households with boilers which convert less than 70 per cent of fuel into heat will qualify for the scheme and may get cash back towards a new energy saving model. The Scottish government predicts that up to 5,000 households will be eligible for the £400 grant towards the cost of a new boiler, which could lead to more requests for plumbing courses as extra plumbers may be needed to cope with the demand.

Journey Towards 2018 Commonwealth Games – Can We Market “Hambantota”?

We may consider this whole exercise of winning Commonwealth games for Sri Lanka as one of the biggest marketing exercises for the country. At the initial stage it has nothing to do with sports administration.

NFSA – Entitlement of Hunger?

The Government of India is in a process to enact a food security law, as 500 million people live in India with hunger and poverty and 46% children are undernurished here. In this context this move will be an important step to ensure food security. But now question is – will this do so?

Opportunity and the Benefit of Disaster

Are disasters just a annoyance in our daily routine. What possible benefit could lie within the devastation of Haiti or the many other disasters which eventually fade into the history pages? What challenge could they provide for you?

Volcano Eruption Chaos – Iceland’s Volcanic Ash Cloud Wreaking Havoc – No Flights in Or Out of UK

With eerily clear and quite skies across the entire length and breadth of the United Kingdom the Icelandic Volcanic Eruption looks set to create even more disruption and chaos. The major eruption from this massive volcano has halted almost 500,000 people a day from flying in and out of the UK due to all flights being suspended. Even if you think alternative travel such as rail and sea are a possibility, it would appear that pretty much every ticket in and out of the UK has been booked, so what next?

The Fastest Growing Cities in the World (1)

This article aims to give you a brief introduction about the fastest growing cities in the world in terms of both urbanization and population density by the year 2020. How many of them do you know?

Rethinking Aid to Africa – Why Education Wins

International aid agencies should focus on education in order to help Africa overcome its cyclical problems. If a generation of Africans are educated, many of the problems will disappear, naturally.

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