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Why Should You Donate Medical Equipment and Supplies?

Several developing countries are unable to give their citizens proper medical care due to the lack of trained physicians and the severe shortage of medical equipment and supplies. Third world countries suffer from this situation every day but the demands on their inadequate medical facilities grow substantially during times of war or when there is a natural disaster. It is incredibly important to give as much assistance to these areas as possible whenever we can.

The Boom in the IT Sector in India

Today, there are a number of children in America who no longer take the help of their family for help with their homework! All they need to do is get on the internet and go to an e-tutoring service, which is based out of India’s IT hub – Bengaluru. This is just one of amongst the infinite number of examples that are a part of the boom in the IT sector in India. Going back to the homework, the children profit immeasurably with respect to their studies and this change is seen in their classrooms. Such is the case with all the different services offered by IT companies in India.

Will America Lose Its Superpower Status?

If the German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck is to be taken seriously, United States will soon lose its financial superpower status, as fallout of the global economic crisis. “The world will not be the same as before the crisis ..

What Countries Belong to OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) And Other Facts

The OPEC is the most important organization when it comes to what we pay for gas. There are a number of oil “super powers” that belong to this group, and it’s important we get to know them, as they’ll be in the news quite a bit from here on out!

The Internal and External Dimensions of the War on Terror

There are fundamental misconceptions at the heart of US policy on the war on terror that effect its efficient implementation. Firstly, it seems to be assumed that the terrorists are somewhere ‘over there’, and if we fight them there, then we won’t have to fight them here.

The Decline of the United States

20 years ago, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, we became the only superpower left. Today, the situation is completely different. We have not been able to retain our prestige, our image, and our financial wealth. We are fighting 2 wars, while trying to figure out an effective strategy to eliminate extremists in the Muslim world. China and India, rightly so, are claiming a seat as potential superpowers.

Cuba’s Drama

After 50 years of communist regime, the island has remained stuck in 1959. No liberties, no dissent, and no private ownership. President Obama is willing to talk, but extreme Cuban-American factions oppose any contact. He should ignore them, since trade with Cuba may be our best weapon to bring an end to this oppressive regime.

The North American Union – A Utopian Concept

The North American Union will never take place. Those who claim different have no knowledge of Mexican culture and politics. It would also mean free travel of persons when we are presently building a wall on the southern border. We have NAFTA, a good agreement, and that must suffice.

Israel Drops the Gloves – Part II

On Tuesday, two U.N. schools in Gaza were targeted by Israeli troops within hours and, as would be expected, there is nothing but outrage being directed back at the Jewish State. That outrage, in the past, has been an effective tool used to make the Israelis back off and cease operations out of contrition under pressure. It appears that will not be the case this time around. The reason that Israel is targeting U.N. schools is because Hamas fighters are taking up positions in – and firing on the Israelis from – these schools.

For Sale by Owner – African Country, Serious Inquiries Only

Imagine you open your Sunday issue of your favorite newspaper and in the Finance and Investing section you found the following advertisement. “For sale by Owner: Democratic Republic of Somsierraswangolaongo (DRS), Serious Inquiries Only” By way of background a national public referendum of the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Somsierraswangolaongo (DRS) have agreed to offer the state for 50 year lease. The bidding process will be closed at on the last working day of this calendar year.

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