What’s NYC’s Most Perfect Bagel? Brooklyn Couple Goes to Incredible Lengths to Get You the Answer

Vulnerabilities of Soft Targets Abroad

On September 20, 2008 the Marriott in Islamabad, Pakistan was attacked with a truck load of explosives that killed numerous people. This story hit close to home for me because I have visited Pakistan and on many occasions frequented the Marriott.

Is Malaysia Heading The Way Indonesia Is?

Indonesiais one of the world’s richest countries in terms of natural resources. God has blessed Indonesia with gold, uranium, copper, oil, timber, beaches, seas and other wealth. The land is fertile with abundant rain. Stick a twig into the ground and it grows into a tree.

Contributions of the Jews to Toledo City in Spain

I talk about the influence the Jews exerted on Toledo in different spheres of industry and commerce, as well as culturally, spiritually and socially, and on the appearance of the city. Both they and the Saracens contributed greatly to progress in all fields of public activity.

Comparing and Contrasting Indebtedness – Japan Versus the United States

In Japan, cash is king; in contrast, American consumer spending appears to revolve around plastic credit cards. At the root of the difference in attitude is the notion that a lack of cash translates into a foregoing of immediate gratification in Japan, while by and large American holds the monopoly on instant gratification with the help of plastic. While avoidance of debt may be a virtue, the underlying though processes speak of a reluctance to be indebted to anyone, whether a bank or a foreign country; when comparing this attitude to American sentiments, it becomes obvious that the latter do not share in this notion and the country as a whole finances its excesses by selling off bonds which the former are eagerly buying.

The Global Food Crisis – A Perfect Storm?

The world is hit by a global food crisis. What were the factors that contributed to this crisis which is hitting the poorest the most? A perspective from an aid worker.

Nigeria is Set to Take Over the World

Nigerians are ready to take over the world. They believe they can do it. I believe the whole world should watch out for them.

Changes in China

With 30 years of reform and opening to the world, China has quickly accumulated tremendous riches that makes the national power boost up and the international status further improved. Meanwhile, as the man who has experienced these 30 years, I have found there are 20 changes, concerning Chinese life style, view of value and interpersonal relationship, occurring in China in these 30 years, summarized as follows and sure that will go on with the future. 1. In the past time when we met each other on certain occasion, we used to say concernedly: ” Hi, how…

Bangkok Protests

Have you read or heard about the protests in Bangkok? Are you wondering what to make out of these news? This article will help you to better understand the situation and the background of the court and political crisis in Thailand. It is written very easily and you don’t need to have an insiders understanding of politics or Thailand.

Japanese Watch Makers Trade Uncertainty For Reliability

To fully understand the history of Japanese watch making, we need to go back to the end of World War II. From the ashes of war, Japanese manufacturers have created a well deserved reputation for producing competitively priced and highly reliable consumers products. With an economy in complete collapse and an infrastructure that was completely destroyed, post war Japan was in a shambles.

Mandy’s Back, Blair Resigns and Markets Are Shaky

Boy oh boy, what a week! – and is there a connection between these three? It’s rare that political commentators are lost for words, or at least rare that they are lost for constructive words, but to hear a seasoned journalist such as Nick Robinson use phrases like “I was gobsmacked at the appointment of Peter Mandelson”, you know something seismic has taken place.

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