Well-Known Norwalk Landlord Accused of Killing Tenant After Argument

Child Sex Workers: Victims of A Stolen Childhood

Countless hundreds of thousands of children are traded and misused daily in underground sex markets for activities such as child pornography, prostitution and pedophilia. The global trafficking of children for commercial sex exploitation includes sex tourism, procurement of child prostitutes by pimps, unlawful incarceration of children, mutilation of children and various sexual practices pertaining to initiation rites.

The King Is Dead, Long Live the Mob!

Okay so, Moammar Gaddafi is no longer amongst the living. For many this is a cause for celebration, for his staunch supports a real problem, if not a death sentence or future prison sentence to boot. Perhaps, the future as it unfolds will be interesting to watch, and it is definitely a critical juncture in Libyan history.

What’s Next For Libya?

Well, Moammar Gaddafi has met his demise, by way of perhaps execution. There may be an investigation as to whether Gaddafi was shot, died of wounds during his capture, or summarily executed by the rebels after his capture rather than having him brought to trial. Well, of course if he was shot execution style; does that mean the NTC or National Transitional Council has lost the moral authority to lead.

House of Saud and the Nightmare of Change Management in the Kingdom

One of the most dangerous things to organizational capital in a large corporation is to have changes in management. In fact, there is a whole line of study called “Change Management” to deal with these challenges, which often lead to crisis if there is not a smooth transition. When companies have several changes in a row, successions take their toll and all too often chaos will ensue.

The Battle for Africa – Oh My God, How Do You Win That?

Okay so, the United States has committed the modest amount of 100 special force personnel to Uganda to assist in training their army to go after the LRA – Lord’s Resistance Army, a group which has been causing many problems in the border region of South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Kenya for some 3-decades. One might ask; why now? It seems we’ve stayed out of that battle, along with distancing ourselves from the problems in Darfur and during the civil war which broke up Sudan.

Gaddafi Had More WMDs Than He Disclosed or Intelligence Community Foretold Us

It was very interesting that NATO, the Obama Administration, and our intelligence agencies made no mention of WMD when they decided to put in a no-fly zone to prevent Kadhafi from using his aerial assets against the protesters. It’s not that we didn’t know that Qaddafi had lots of WMD, as it has been written about in several books I’ve read, and the information goes back several decades, it wasn’t actually a secret.

Papandreou Tells Greeks It’s Time To Grow Up

Papandreou told his fellow Greeks to make a choice and accept the consequences. It’s a gamble, but not an irrational one.

Greeks Learn From Babe Ruth – Big Papi Plays Hardball With the EU

Things looked so rosy…for almost a whole day. Last Thursday Big Papi, no not the Red Sox slugger but George Papandreou the Prime Minister of Greece, is playing hardball, but finally agreed to a deal with the European Union sending stocks soaring worldwide. And in keeping in good fashion with this Bipolar market, Papi triggered an upheaval yesterday by backing away from the deal so as to hold a referendum with his parliament on the rescue package.

Is a Big Change in the Future for the United States?

Is our nation at a turning point in history? Are the momentous events in the Arab countries, in Myanmar, and in China a prelude to a different world? Are we facing 1,000 years of peace as foretold by ancient prophets?

China’s Space Station Bungalow – No Toilet and a Little Cramped

The international space station is longer than an Airbus A380 and weighs nearly half a million pounds, yes it is a rather impressive technological feat for humankind. Of course, not to be outdone the Chinese are now trying their hand at this game of orbiting space stations. They are putting up their own version of our ISS.

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