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How to Respond to the Goldstone Report

Anti Israel Bias and discrimination… what can you do? The United Nations fact-finding mission examining Israel’s Operation Cast Lead against Hamas in Gaza and headed by South African Judge Richard Goldstone found that “Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity.”

Bonuses Under Fire at the Pittsburgh G20 Summit – French Achieve Bonus Regulation

A month ago the FSA issued watered down rules on remuneration, but Lord Turner’s focus was on increasing capital requirements for banks in order to ensure they are better able to weather financial storms. I agree with Lord Turner on that issue, and many G20 members do also, however, bonuses have and will remain a serious bone of contention and in a final communique issued on 25th September, a new raft of rules for implementation by members and overseen by the Financial Stability Board must now be implemented.

What If Our War-Torn World Could Have Peace?

There is only one way for this world to have peace. Without this, wars will continue to increase. As a matter of fact, any other attempt will end up in utter failure. Before we look at the way our war-torn world can have peace, let us examine some of the failed attempts that have brought us to near ruin. Do you want peace? Read this article!

Business Enterprise – The Key to Change in Nigeria

Rapid enterprise development is clearly the answer to Nigeria’s declared ambition for accelerated growth and recognition as a global economic powerhouse in a time-bound manner. Yet, despite the intent and numerous policy proclamations over the last decade, the growth rate of new businesses has been hardly encouraging. Abuja’s sincerity towards its stated goals has never been in question, or the severity of challenges facing it in doubt; but the level of growth it is looking at is far from achieved.

Impediments in Indian Education

Indian education has given to this world one of the greatest minds like Rabindranth Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Abdul Kalam and many others. The present educational system of India is facing a number of challenges that are hindering with its growth. A serious attention and their rectification is required.

The End of Printed Newspapers

In some Countries traditional newspaper readership is rising, even if in many developed Countries newspapers are losing readers- who are switching on-line to get the news. This is changing the way we get news, and it spells bad news for many traditional newspaper publishers.

Swine Flu – Something Strange is Going On

Why is the World Health Organization and Governments throughout the world making so much fuss over the swine H1N1 flu. There have been very few deaths from this flu in comparison to the normal seasonal flu yet governments are buying millions of doses of the 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine.

The Historical Antecedence of the Niger Delta Crisis

The Niger Delta comprises of nine states out of the thirty (36) that make-up the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These states are Delta. Edo, Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross-Rivers, Ondo, Imo, Abia and Akwa-Ibom states and are located in the southern part of the country.

How Much Taxpayers’ Money Can Be Wasted in an Ignored Public Survey Because of Its Adverse Results?

Public authorities regularly conduct surveys to determine the opinion and views of their citizens or residents, before deciding on the implementation of new regulations and policies. But not all surveys are seriously examined by the public authorities concerned, and here is an example of a survey, funded from taxpayers’ money, which has been completely ignored, because it does not provide the results expected by the authority that conducted it. In our example, the authority decided to ignore the results of the survey completely and went ahead with implementing their new policy regardless.

Poverty in Africa is Not About Money, Stupid

An awful lot of money has been poured into Africa by way of loans and grants but some African countries remain desperately poor and the debates as to why this is continue. For the purpose of this article and the ones that will follow over the next few days, I have drawn on my experience as an African woman and by virtue of my work with African women involved in textile and handicraft production to explore some of the reasons why ending poverty is not simply about the money.

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