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Get Well Soon, FPI and Other Parties

June 1, 2008, will be remembered as a black day in the history of Indonesian democracy. A group of people from different walks of life — Balinese Hindus, Javanese Catholics, Sumatran Protestants, Buddhists and Confucianists from Celebes and Muslims from all over Indonesia were beaten up by radicals.

Pamalaye Or Pamamanhikan

Pamalaye or pamamanhikan is the meeting between the two families of a couple who are planning to get married. In such event, discussions about the wedding’s venue, date, number of guests, and such, take place.

Flores De Mayo – Santacruzan

In the Philippines, the month of May is known for the festival called “Flores de Mayo” or simply, Flowers of May. It’s a month-long event which is higlighted by the Santacruzan or the procession to honor the finding of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

If Great Britain is So Great Why Are More and More British People Moving Abroad?

If Great Britain is so great why are more and more British people moving abroad? It’s not a trick question in fact it’s quite obvious. I recently read a newspaper report with some very interesting statistics about British families immigrating abroad.

Need For More Welfare Programs For Poor Children

There is urgency to work more for the welfare of poor children especially in India. The education of the children takes a backseat in poor families, as meeting the both ends is a larger question for them. So in such a situation education societies providing free education, study kits and other facilities, for child development needs to be developed.

Fast Times With the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan

A Peace Corps volunteer facing a mid-life crisis teaches HIV prevention and sex education to fundamentalist Muslims in the former USSR. What could go wrong?

Mexico’s Dilemmas

Unemployment in Mexico is falsely represented by the government. President Calderon is fighting a culture of “mordidas” and “compadres”. Whites dominate the cabinet. Only 6% of the population is White. Extreme poverty affects 30% of the population. Resources never reach people who need it. A governor took a million dollar on his first day on the job.

How to Help the Poor Children?

Every generation of student by the time they are in high school or college starts identifying with this song so well as they feel the system is leading them to become just another brick in the wall. No this writer is not suggesting that Pink Floyd spoke nonsense or that what we as students feel is absurd and wrong. This writer has also felt the same as any other student and hummed the song many times.

The Tragic End of a Peace Performance

If I remember well, Tommy Cooper died on stage due to a heart attack, while performing an act. Is there any resemblance with his death and that of Pippa Bacca, the Italian Art performer where newspapers have been written about extensively due to her death. For those who don’t know the story, she wanted to express a peace message to the world by hitchhiking to Jerusalem.

Words Matter, Also in Spain

Sales is amongst other things, about using the most appropriate words. That “words matter,” is not proprietary of Obama. If you want to connect to people, words are as powerful as images, and … the right phrasing does matter.

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