Video Shows Men Arrested in Michael K. Williams’ Death During Drugs Sale

Redefining The African Image

The international news on Africa all too often reads, “U.N. Reports Gang Rapes on Congo Border”, “Somalia: The most corrupt nation in the world”, and “Cholera kills 1,555 in Nigeria”. Our media and educational system constantly feed our minds with this type of negative attention on Africa. As a consequence, the average American has a very narrow-minded image; filled with lions, malnourished children, corrupted officials, and rebels. We rarely see or hear anything different, therefore, see this image as the truth. After being cared for and embraced by the African people for the last seven months, I have inherited a deeper and more powerful understanding of the African world. When I close my eyes and reflect on the seven months I spent on the African continent I remember the people of Africa as warm, tolerant, respectful, hospitable, community-oriented, heterogeneous, altruistic, and united.

Violence in Mexico

What we hear on the news about violence in Mexico, is one of the most shocking topics that we hear from people’s mouth. This is important to us because we understand that Mexico has great vacation spots and one of the warmest weather in the planet. A lot of people like to go to Mexico and have a great time but it won’t be a great time if a tourist is found dead in the middle of the street due to all the drug cartels in the surrounding areas.

Peasant Class Plight in Pakistan – From the Podium to the Powerful to the Revolutionary Dreamers

So many nations are on the verge of being toppled, as the natives are restless, and people are angry. We see challenges in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Honduras, and throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa. In fact, even in the United States we recently saw the Tea Party, mad as heck, literally rock the House of Representatives by way of storm – thankfully they did it at the voting boxes, without a shot being fired.

What Do Many Poor People in Pakistan Think About Property Rights?

In the US we have private ownership of land but in many countries they believe in common ownership of land. In other words the land belongs to everyone, no one should own the land because god gave it to everyone, not one person. Therefore, no one has the right to hog up the land.

Celebrate International Volunteer Day by Giving of Yourself

On December 5, International Volunteer Day, we celebrate another kind of holiday. It is one that celebrates all the people around the world who give their time to others and the world through volunteering. Now that is something to celebrate!

AIDS in Africa: Reasons to Celebrate

Aids in Africa is on the retreat. After nearly thirty years of a continuous worsening of the epidemic in Africa, the curve is flattening out. The future looks bright too, especially since the papal decree forbidding the use of condoms has finally been lifted when pope Benedictus XVI declared that there is a moral obligation to protect life that is bigger than the moral obligation to be unwavering in our desire to pro-create.

Local Information For Living In Greece

So after careful consideration you have decided you want to start a new life in the sun living in Greece. What springs to mind next is where exactly do you want to live, Greece is a very large country with many Islands to choose from.

Wikileaks Defeating Government, Corporate Lies With ‘Their Own Documents”

You can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time but you can never fool are of the people all the time. This is especially true when governments and corporations have become so arrogant and complacent they have become legends in their own minds. The fact is the government and corporate emperors have no clothes and Julian Assange Wikileaks and company are exposing the nudity of their evil deeds. This all becomes too apparent when one sees how the U.S. government and its governmental puppet pseudo peers have reacted. The more misinformation they have fed to the world at large, the more threats they have made against Julian and company, and the more censor “sanitized news” they copiously vomit the more all of us realize the truth.

I Am in Love With Pakistan, But Why?

Patriotism is a fiery fountain from which springs the sweet stream of love. It is the intense fondness for one’s country, nation, traditions, laws and even land. It is an allegiance to the country’s contribution, government, people and institutions. No doubt, a man becomes emotionally attached to the place where he lives. So patriotism is a natural passion. My patriotism compels me to love Pakistan. I love my country passionately.

Are We on the Right Track?

Security problem in using Blackberry mobiles is in the news these days. It was surprising that after so many years of its existence in the country, the Government is now wondering ‘who let the Blackberry in’ to do business in India.

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