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Chlorine Gas Tanks at Sewer Plants Need Upgrades to Protect From International Terrorism

Is our infrastructure safe, are we prepared for an attack on a chlorine tank, commonly found at many sewer treatment plants? Chlorine gas kills and hundreds of thousands of cubic units of gas escaping could be the worst disaster our nation has ever had.

Nuclear Power Safety From International Terrorists

Well we see more International Terrorist Threats these days. More videotapes on Al Jazeera TV and more mass media fear induced hysteria.

India’ Booming Economy

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. After a slow gradual process of opening up its markets to foreign competition, India is starting to boom. With MNC (Multi national companies) opening increasing number of offices to out source work, India’s youth now have opportunities that their parents never did.

How International Organization for Standardization Helps

The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, is a non-governmental organization that develops technical standards, contributing to making…

International Terrorist Attack on Chlorine Tanks

If terrorists attack it by truck and drive a truck bomb into the giant Chlorine Tanks, the on shore breeze of 15 knots would send Chorine gas into the atmosphere killing 100,000 people within hours and shutting down the airport.

God’s Diplomacy – International Trade and the Macedonian Economy

A British politician, Richard Cobden once (1857) wrote: “Free Trade is God’s diplomacy and there is no other certain way of uniting people in the bonds of peace” International, free trade is part…

Experts Say Torturing International Terrorists is Wrong

Many experts say that torturing does not extract good intelligence. Academia experts say torturing International Terrorists is wrong. Yet the so-called experts who say torture doesn’t work are wrong.

Catholic Church VS Islamic International Terrorists

So many things have been caused thru the miss use of religion. In fact in the news lately is evidence of such. We have Catholic Priests boning little boys and Islamic Clerics who assist in recruiting international terrorists and spur on suicide bombers?

Fact; Israel is Occupying, Stealing Land and Committing International Crime?

A rather interesting thing to read on a very popular political Blog is it not? But this is exactly what is happening as sympathizers and mislead do-gooders promote Palestinians and their plight.

Secrets to Foiling International Terrorist Attacks by Ship; case Study

The International Murdering Terrorists stung the United States during 9-11, as they attacked without provocation. This hit on our nation angered many citizens and woke us up to the fact that there are some pretty crazy radicals out there, that must be dealt with and cannot be ignored.

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