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WikiLeaks And Free Speech: Protecting Governments Against Their Will

With each passing year, the internet has become more and more innovative, accessible and handy as an instrument to gather, find and share various information and knowledge-based resources. From basic research, online web use has evolved into employment, social media updates, personal organizers, journalism and news. One interesting website is

Japanese Whale Killers Leave Late for Season – Is Sea Shepherd Working?

Today the Japanese whaling fleet set out for their annual whale hunt. The Japanese whaler’s set sail for their traditional fishing grounds in the Antarctic later than usual this year because of higher back stocks and lower demand for whale meat. Although these ships aren’t considered commercial fishing ships but rather scientific research ships that harvest whales through a loop hole in the 1986 international moratorium banning whaling. The loop hole allows for the ships to catch and sell the whale meat. With many organizations like Sea Shepherd and the television show Whale Wars trying to stop the Japanese whale fishing the industry has come under great scrutiny. Sea Shepherd is an international organization that tries to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

The Burning Days Are Back – At Least In Ghana

In light of recent global reports, I feel that I need to share this news article that I’ve read about the country of Ghana, in an effort to re-caution the already cautious made witch about the incredible degree of ignorance that is shared amongst the political “muggles”, especially when we leave our homes riding our broomsticks. What I am warning about is the progressive/religious radical bowel movement in congress that sits opposed to most human intelligence and to bring to light why over the last couple of years we’ve just been smelling something nasty burning in the cauldron!

US Counter Terrorism Officials Missing the Hidden Jihad

Recent events in Times Square, over the skies of Detroit, at Ft. Hood, and the placement of an American citizen on a CIA hit list as a clear and present danger to American security because of his involvement in all three of these incidents, reveal that the danger of Islamist terrorism in the Homeland is far from over. Yet almost nine years after the 9/11 attacks, our counter terrorism agencies were surprised by these incidents, and dismayed to find that three of the four incidents involved American citizens.

Is A Korean EndGame In Sight?

It seems to be pure coincidence that the recent firefight between North and South Korea came just as Wikileaks released a trove of American diplomatic secrets, but the two events may soon become entwined. Thanks to Wikileaks, the North Koreans are perfectly aware – if they were not previously – that their supporters in Beijing are growing tired of dealing with fallout from Pyongyang’s provocations, despite China’s reluctance to publicly criticize its protégé. The North also got a look at South Korea’s game plan to use commercial deals to buy Chinese support, or at least acquiescence, to reunification of the Korean peninsula under the Seoul government.

Wilki Leaks Endanger Travelers Abroad

Imagine you’re on a trip. You have planned it for quite some time and you’re very excited. You love the place and have chosen to visit it because there is something about that country or area that you really love. You’ve saved your money, maybe sacrificed a little, so you could make the trip. So off you go. Sure you know that there are always certain vulnerabilities when you leave your country of origin, but you have done your due diligence, checked with travel warnings, and feel like the decision to travel was made with common sense so you feel secure.

Fashion Magazine And Its Importance Of Publishing!

It would definitely be impossible for one to enter a career as a fashion magazine editor but now the Internet is making this absolutely possible. The question is how can one go about getting one’s own fashion magazine going on the Internet?

Kenya Airways CEO Titus Naikuni – Did Makau Mutua Overstate His Credentials?

Prof. Makau Mutua recently intimated that Kenya Airways CEO, Mr. Titus Naikuni, should run for presidency in 2012. Mr. Mutua points to his credentials at Magadi Soda and Kenya Airways. He also alludes to his short tenure in the dream team that was spearheaded by former president Moi to spearhead the country’s economic growth.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Internationally Curious, Socially Conscious and Eco-Minded

Here are 10 gift ideas in honor of the global holiday season and spirit of giving and goodwill toward all. Hopefully, you’ll find something here for the internationally oriented, culturally curious, socially conscious and eco-minded people in your life that sparks a new interest, strikes a common chord, and brings some joy to those in need. Some of these ideas feature the added environmental benefit of doing good without accumulating more material possessions.

Help Haiti – Donations, Relief Aid Are Key Lifelines for Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere

Not only one of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti seems to be one of the unluckiest too. The two tend to go hand-in-hand. Haiti experienced one of its worst hurricane seasons ever in 2008 when four tropical storms – Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike – caused more than $1 billion in damage. The massive earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010 was the worst quake to hit the region in 200 years. The natural disaster cost more than 250,000 lives and an estimated $7.2 to $13.2 billion. The country’s desperate need for help continues to grow, with no end in sight for the aftermath of the massive January earthquake. Donations and foreign aid relief can make a difference. Nearly 90 percent of cholera cases have been successfully treated when Haitians have been able to reach clinics and get access to health services. You can find links to help at the end of this article.

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