‘The Fans Strike Back’ Star Wars Exhibit Opens in NYC

Global Financial Crisis

The financial distress of the last two decades has revived interest on the question of the stability of the financial system. On the one hand, the “pessimist” view, associated primarily with Minsky argues that not only that the financial system is prone to such crises (“financial fragility” in Minsky’s terms) but also that such crises are inherent on the capitalist system (“systemic fragility”). On the other hand, the monetarists see the financial system as stable and efficient where crises not only are rare but also are the fault of the government rather than the financial system as such.

A Dawn of a New Space Race

Whilst most of us where preoccupied with the stock market turmoil of late 2008. China had launched its second successful space mission, India had sent a probe to the Moon, and Iran had launched its first Satellite. This signifies the dawn of a very new Space Age.

Chinese New Year Customs For the 1st Day

Broad understanding of all traditions happen on the 1st of Chinese New Year. Not only learn the do and don’t but understanding why thing the way it is.

Militants in Niger Delta – Bad For Nigeria, Could Be Good For Angola & Ghana

Like many developing nations with vast natural resources, Nigeria has seen a massive influx in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), particularly in the energy sector. However, civil unrest, particularly in the Niger Delta, may be a catalyst for potential investors to look to other West African Nations as investment opportunities. Added to this are the ever present problems of ineptitude & “graft” within both state & federal government, which has brought some unwelcome news for Africa’s largest economy.

What’s in a Name? Everything From A to Xe

As you will have certainly heard by now Blackwater Worldwide announced last week they are changing the name of their corporate holding company to Xe, pronounced ‘Zee’.  It seems that even Blackwater has recognized President Obama’s call for change that can be believed in. It’s hard to really dispute this decision simply because as Xe spokesperson Anne Tyrell confirmed the events associated with the company’s operations in Iraq were fast becoming synonymous with everything the company was doing and that simply is not an accurate portrayal of the entire organization.

World Hunger – Are We Doing Enough?

Are we doing enough to end world hunger? Should we end it at all? When animals outnumber the food supply nature causes some to die of hunger. By preventing world hunger are we causing more problems down the line?

The Social and Culture of Chinese Body Gestures

Social life and culture always go hand in hand. Culture will affect how people act and speak, and the way people socialize with one another. So, while doing business with Chinese people, or just having a genuine conversation, do you ever find yourself in an awkward position? You don’t know how to react or what is appropriate? This short article will outline how to behave during a conversation, and explain why Chinese act the way they do.

The Future of Education – Self-Education

The graduate of 2020 will face a very different world to the graduate of 2009. Just like graduates in history faced new challenges, and new boundaries. How can our current education encourage graduates that face the future, adjust to it and thrive from it?

Asian Endangered Species Become House Decorations

A lot of people will say that poaching animals for good is like politicking off the track for the reason that evil intentions will emerge on the sly despite the outcomes of potent messages from the politicians who are the wolves in sheep’s clothing and who come also underway without prior notice. It can’t be denied that a lot of politicians have agreed with protection of endangered animals and that is the main reason of passing the bill to enact into law. The majority of people in Asia wave hands and say that the man has a politics version, in …

Global Financial Crisis? America Beats Japan in Gluten Free Demand – The GFP Matrix Shows Why

The Global Financial Crisis is affecting all industries, except the gluten free market. This article looks at which Asian countries are performing the greatest online searches for gluten free products and why. The analysis uses Google data and is segmented into local language and English data. Singapore (English speaking) rates the highest search volume per celiac well a head of America and Japan. Even with analysis adjusted for low internet penetration and Low Google usage China, India and Indonesia have very low gluten free demand. As well as low demand they also follow the demand pattern for low gluten free demand countries regarding types of foods searched and categories. This may mean regardless of China and India’s high growth, gluten free and other niche markets may take a lot longer to develop.

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