Tennessee Amber Alert ends thanks to Orange County mom

The Conflicts Waged In The Name Of War

History is an invaluable tool. For it tells us of the mistakes made in the past so as to not repeat those same mistakes. Yet, our leaders have continually failed to head the lessons that history is supposed to teach us.

Is the Earth Too Far Gone for People to Worry About It?

The answer to that question is probably yes? The weather patterns alone are proving it. While the earth is warming everything is thrown out of sync.

Stopping Illegal Migration Australian Style

While the USA President, Donald Trump, puts bans on legal travellers from certain regions entering the country Australia is focused on stopping people smugglers. The boats were arriving with unprecedented regularity and many victims drowned at sea as the unseaworthy vessels sank beneath them. Those who made it have cost the government a fortune by handing out essentials and housing them.

Rising Conflicts in Israel

It is a fact that the conflicts in Israel are directly related to the religious intolerance of one side to the other. Muslims and Jews both claim they have biblical rights to the region. The question is why and how can it be resolved?

The Paths Toward War

With tensions mounting the world today is a tinder box where at any moment a spark of threatening rhetoric could ignite the flames of destruction that would engulf the world. The rhetoric coming from Trump has made it clear that our President is hell bent on provoking retaliatory responses from North Korea. Today, there is no justification to the antagonistic approach that our infamous President is forging.

Know the History of Mother’s Day

Undoubtedly, no one can replace a mother. They have a key role in maintaining not just the family but themselves and their work life too. Her capabilities are insurmountable. Her dedication is unmatched. And that is why, acknowledging her efforts and honouring her on at least a day (Mother’s Day) is something everyone should do.

To Remove the Poverty of India and the World

A proposal to remove the poverty of the India and the World with government intervention. A humanitarian approach to poverty elimination.

FOI Act, Presidency and Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria

In the last 2 ½ years, Nigerian president, Muhammed Buhari has been preaching the gospel of fighting corruption headlong. ‘I am for everybody and I am for nobody’ were the words of Buhari when he took over the leadership of our beloved country from Dr Goodluck Jonathan. In my limited understanding of these words, the president was telling the world that at every point in time, his words and deeds will be to the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians, no matter the situation.

Israel: No Non-Jewish Marriages and How It May Change Soon

In spite of the UN gift of land to Israel, the right of return is challenged by biblical information. Leviticus 26 says God would punish Israel seven times over, if they walked contrary to Him. Ezekiel 4:5,6 says it was 390 years. From the Assyrian Captivity in 722 BC, 7 x 390 (2730 years) brings us to 2009 (no year “0”) so that 1947 or 1967 was premature.

Can The New Steel Policy Help Revive India’s Steel Makers?

The national steel policy is intended to promote the growth and development of the domestic steel industry and help revive steel makers in India. It will reduce the import of inferior quality steel products from other countries.

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