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Obama to the World on Libya: You First

There are three possibilities that explain Obama’s dithering on Libya, none reassuring. First: he had no idea what to do, was being pushed back and forth by pro- and anti-invasion camps in his administration, and simply went with the international consensus once it coalesced. Second: he favored invasion, but didn’t want to take action until there was international support. Third, and most disturbing: he didn’t favor invasion, but decided to go with that option once the world’s players came out for it.

Oil – A Love Story

What makes the world go around? It would be fair to say quite a bit has been written on the subject. Love and money have been suggested and a growing consensus among many that perhaps it’s oil.

Internal Displacement In Burundi And Somalia: Comparison Of The Institutional Responses

This term paper examines the institutional intervention and responses in managing the problem of internal displacement in Burundi and Somalia. The main focus of the term paper is to compare and contrast the intervention strategies employed in order to identify the specific institutional challenges in terms of the successes and failures peculiar to each of the states under reference. This is instructive to help facilitate future response strategies and develop an action plan for the management of IDPs crisis. This paper also aims at illustrating the need to priotize economic recovery in Burundi as a requirement for creating a peace dividend and maintaining stability.

The Egypt Economic Fiasco – Be Careful What You Humans Wish For!

For some reason, the United States media and the Obama Administration find that it is a good thing when mass mobs of humans go and protest, march, and create riots with civil unrest, and violence with local police forces. The reality is we wouldn’t allow that in our own country, so it’s hard to say why we are promoting it in another. When it comes to nations like Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Bolivia, or Venezuela it might make sense for national interests.

Oil and Gas Industry – My Perspective

Increased consumption of energy resources by faster growing economies of India, China, Brazil and other emerging nations has posed a great deal of uncertainty in the oil markets. Today the gas prices in the US have crossed USD 3.5 a gallon and are likely to increase further.

US Criticizes Devastated Japan

As the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear facilities continue to smolder, and the nation of Japan frantically scrambles to devise technological means to cool the six stricken reactors before the crisis deteriorates into nuclear catastrophe, the United States has chosen this moment to pick a fight with yet another crucial ally during Japan’s time of need. And for reasons that are difficult to understand, the Obama administration has piled on with suggestions that the Japanese government has been less than forthcoming in disclosing the seriousness of the nuclear crisis.

The Creation Myth in Japan

These were the god and goddess that began Japanese history. How were the Japanese islands formed? How were the early rulers of Japan born? The author, an expert in cross-cultural exchange, talks about the creation of Japan based on stories in the oldest remaining Japanese history books. You will find the Japanese gods to be fresh, vivid, and lively in the history of Japan.

Indians Living in Germany

When you consider the number of Indians living in Germany totals upwards of 40,000 with many more of the German population having family ties to India it is not difficult to see why the country continues to attract the attention of Indian workers. Germany is a country which has undergone massive changes over the last 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the integration of East and West Germany.

The Rug Hook Project a Rural Womans Cooperative

In Mexico when you meet a friend after a long absence, you say, “Que Milagro,” which means, “What a miracle.” When I first heard this I didn’t understand. “Meeting friends is a miracle?” I soon learned that this greeting, both simple and profound, is a portal into understanding a bit of the mysterious Mexican soul. As we look at the story of how rug hooking came to Mexico, we see that it is nothing short of miraculous.

Should Libya Be Divided – Yes, and Here is the Plan

The concept has been floated to divide the rebel held territory with the current Libya. Would this make sense? My view is yes, and no.

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