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Problems of the Third World Countries

Every day we hear issues regarding third world countries whether they pertain to necessities of life or population growth. Read the major problems faced by the third world countries…

Chandigarh Software Exporters Unfazed by Recession

At a time when most IT export units in India are suffering losses due to the slowdown, software exporters from the Chandigarh capital region are bucking the trend. Despite the challenging economic conditions, software exports from Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali have managed to remain steady so far.

North Korea Sanctions – Is This the Right Approach

North Korea missile testing, China accepts new resolution draft, what will Russia do,better still what will North Korea do? will the new draft have any effect? Did the 2006 sanctions have the desired effect, obviously not!

Separation of Church and State in the Philippines

The Philippines has always had a very religious population. Throughout the history of our country, countless religious figures held great roles in driving the political direction of our elected leaders. A few examples would be the induction of the former president Joseph Estrada and his ousting with the EDSA 2 revolution where leaders from El Shaddai and the Catholic Church urged the people’s decision on who to put in the seat of power.

Is Russia a Potential Partner For the US?

The overthrow of communism by the Russian people was a historical achievement, but Russia has little experience handling freedom. With respect to the new Russia the US has a choice between a hard line and cooperation. The second option is by far the most promising.

Who Are the “People Before Profit Alliance?”

In Wicklow the question was first publicly asked in the media following a meeting in Arklow, organised by People Before Profit Alliance (Wicklow), at which it was proposed to publicly discuss the decision by Roadstone Ltd to quarry out of existence a coastal headland and landmark Arklow Rock; which dominated the landscape since the Ice Age. The meeting was disrupted in a disorderly and threatening manner during which the organisers were told this was a local matter, and was none of their business and they should go back to where they came from. The town has been vigorously divided on this issue in which Roadstone opponents argue on environmental and tourist grounds for the retention of the rock.

Is China Going to Be Bogged Down With Its Client Nation-State Financial Aid Promises?

China needs resources to grow, and if it cannot get them, it’s growth cannot continue at this insane pace. One thing that seems self-evident is that every time the US ends up with an enemy, China runs over to make a friend, which is kind of unfortunate considering that the United States realize that the Chinese are our largest trading partner. Out trade deficit with this growing nation is astronomical and if that money does not flow back into the US, but rather to our enemies in the form of aid, and trade, we lose out.

Information on the British Crown Jewels

The British Crown Jewels are the various kinds of regalia and vestments that were used by the rulers of United Kingdom. The Crown Jewels include the crowns, swords, rings and many more objects that were used by these rulers for state functions and other important events.

Election in Iran – Deception and Challenge For Our Iranian Mental Health

Mental health is about having peace and choice. It is about having your votes count and being part of. Once again we Iranians are being lied to and betrayed. Once again our mental health is threatened. After thirty years of lies and disruption of our personal, societal, and national identity, we had the chance for vote for change and peace. Now once again we were taken to the mountains of hope and pushed into the darkness of national humiliation.

A Circle of All Nations, a Culture of Peace

Grandfather William Commanda, Ojigkwnong, now age 95, will soon have another vital meeting with officials of the Canadian Government concerning his international vision for Victoria Island (Asinabka). Victoria Island is a jewel of nature, strategically located in the middle of the river that runs through downtown Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, under the shadow of Parliament Hill, where the government of Canada meets. For countless centuries, Victoria Island was a traditional spiritual meeting ground for the Algonquin peoples.

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