Seen This Car? Police Want Driver for Running Over Man in SoHo

China’s Mercantilism and New Global Economic Order

China is successfully getting the world embedded in a mercantilist system of development by being such a large player with a strategic long term vision. Beijing is following a 21st century version of industrial path that Britain and Germany undertook during their rise. This allows Western world to economically outmaneuver China instead of being sidelined by it.

Growing Back the Reefs

The Philippines is known for its wonderful beaches and world class coral reefs, but the sad thing about it is that even if our country comes in third in the world when it comes to our marine life only two percent remain from its original luster. The Philippine coral reefs are in danger of becoming barren and measure should put up to prevent this from happening.

Commodity Bulls Snared by China Stimulus Snafu

Some of China’s stockpiling may well have been due to speculative excess, rather than any rational plan on the ground. That realization played a role in the market carnage seen this week.

ALBA Turns Ecuador – Nation-State Willing to Nationalize Businesses and Dump Capitalism

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia have been very busy commandeering and nationalizing foreign assets in the name of the people. Basically they are stealing from companies and foreign investors that have come into their country and agreed to work there, hire workers, provide jobs, tax base, and income to those countries. Now they’re being thrown out and all their assets are being taken.

The Economy in Argentina and the Association With ALBA – The Nationalizing of Free Market Companies

Times are tough around the world, most nations are in recession, and some will perform better than others in recovery. Unfortunately, some may not recovery at all; dumping capitalism; nationalizing companies, and speeding forward to the dead end cliff. We are seeing a lot of this in South and Central America lately.

Building a Brighter Future For Israel

The Tel Aviv Foundation is an organization that operates worldwide to develop the social, educational, cultural and environmental concerns of the Israeli port cities of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Working in cooperation with the mayor and city council the foundation has been able to contribute matched funds of more than $300 million since it was formed in 1977. The projects that are closely managed by the foundations director general have built schools, colleges, cultural centers, sports facilities and recreational parks for the citizens of the two cities.

America Needs a Strong Canada – A Scary Mouse Story

The United States and Canada share the longest undefended border in the world and have maintained this unique, peaceful relationship for over a hundred years. Because of this amazing symbiotic relationship the more numerous American population mostly takes Canada and knows very little about their biggest trading partner and best friend.

Air India – is This the End Or Begining?

Air India is a brand, which every Indian relates to. For the past 60 years, Air India has shaped every Indian’s dream of air travel. Air India is synonymous to India as GM to USA and Rolls Royce to UK. First started by JRD Tata, Air India has grown to be counted as a global brand. It has built an immense reputation globally and is the carrier of choice for many corporations.

Russian Banking Sector – An Overview

Although Russia is not regarded as offshore banking center worldwide, before the crisis it managed to attract large volume of capital to its capital markets. Russia started reforms in the banking sector in the end of the 1980s with the establishment of a two-tier banking system, composed of the Central bank responsible for carrying out the monetary policy, and five large state-owned specialized banks dealing with deposit collecting and money lending.

Where Did They Come From?

There are many issues in the 3rd world countries that need to be addressed. Among these, poverty is one of the major issues. Poverty can bring certain unspeakable harms to the nation and it must be cured at the earliest time possible. But poverty has not been the core issue in Pakistan.

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