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Ghawar Oilfield Set to Increase Production

Located in the oil rich country of Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oilfield. This massive Middle East oil producer is larger than Lebanon and out produces UAE and Kuwait combined. With over 5 million barrels per day average, Ghawar oilfield is poised to produce oil to the level of the 1980’s when production capped at 5.

Respect Your Enemy

The author, a cross-cultural expert, talks about Bushi-Do (Samurai Spirit) and its practice. When 2 Samurais fight, they bow each other to exchange respects. What was the meaning of it? How it worked and affected Samurai lives in their time? Respecting their enemy had a meaning for them. You can find out in his article.

Going Green Is IT, Incs New Mantra

Every year, June 5 is celebrated as the World Environment Day, a concept promoted by United Nations as part of their United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Interestingly, this year UNEP focused on providing solar energy to the villagers and school children apart from a funding of $85,000 for gorilla conservation.

Unique ID Project

About the Project: Aadhar, as the Unique ID project is now branded, is a central mission mode project aimed at creating a national citizen database. First conceptualized in 2003 under the NDA rule as a project aimed at tightening security and immigration. But the UID Authority of today was approved in November 2008 by an Empowered Group of Ministers during UPA rules, with a completely different objective: to help accelerate the process of financial inclusion, the most important political agenda item of the UPA.

Not Just the UID

If and when the UID project is successfully completed, a lot of dreams could actually begin to become a reality. Slogans and terminologies that have never really been very successful, but we have been hearing for years bridging the divide between the haves and have nots; bridging the digital divide; sustainable growth; justice for all; education for all; food for all; right to information could possibly become a reality.

Congratulations to Chile – Human Spirit and Triumph at Its Finest – Miner Rescue

Hooray for Chile in success in rescuing the 33 trapped miners who were down a mile underground for over 68 days. What does this show the rest of the World? It shows that Chile is a great country, with great people, a society which refused to let those miners perish and thus, spared no expense in making sure the rescue efforts were successful.

Jewish American Bar Association, Social Work and Law Team Up

In Broward county Florida a Social Worker has been up against some server criticism for taking an unprecedented step and forming a Jewish American Bar Association. In the past bar Associations have normally been lead and organized by lawyers. Many Bar associations have attempted to educate the public and change many of the negative feelings about lawyers to no avail. Apparently This social worker is in tune with some of the new changes in the educational systems regarding lawyers. Perhaps a social worker is just what the legal profession needs. This article explores just that.

2 Months Underground: The Chilean Mine Timeline

The world has been gripped by the miners that have been trapped underground for two months. This is a timeline featuring the major events and breakthroughs during this period.

What A Passport Does And Potential Future Designs

A passport is a document that is issued by a government that is required if one of its citizens is to travel internationally to another country via land, sea or air. These passports are presented at the borders into other countries and are generally required to have a visa to enter but this depends on the relations between the two countries for example citizens that governments are part of the European Union do not need visas to travel and can cross these countries quite liberally.

Poverty Trap in Africa

The barriers to economic development evident in Africa can be overcome at a low cost, but finance is difficult for the African nations living on subsistence. “The escape from extreme poverty” argues Sachs, “requires four basic types of investment”. The proposed investments are required in (i) Agriculture (ii) Health (iii) Education, and (iv) Infrastructure, to attain sustained growth.

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