Russian Diplomats Routinely Park Illegally, and Tickets Go Unpaid

International Terrorists Hijack School Buses; case study

The United States of America was attacked during 9-11 by International Murderous Terrorists and this really upset most Americans. How or why would anyone do such a thing? Apparently the US was no longer off-limits to the rest of the World’s problems across the oceans.

International Terrorism; case study

The Department of Transportation and Department of Homeland Security has installed video cameras on such bridges and they are regularly patrolled. Locomotive conductors have all sorts of ways to protect themselves now. There are also several other technologies being deployed that we cannot talk about now, but suffice it to say they are being installed as we speak.

Multi Family Dwellings Targets of International Terrorism; case study

America changed after 9-11 when we realized that just because we are half way around the world we are not without danger from radical international terrorist murderers.

Chlorine Gas Attack by International Terrorists; case study

The Department of Homeland Security has done a very excellent job of spotting potential International Terrorist Plots after 9-11 and in doing so worked hard to prevent such targets from being exploited.

Mexican Flag – Dia De La Bandera

The Flag of Mexico is rich with historic symbolism. The tricolors of green, white and red with the coat-of-arms centered in the white middle stripe were adopted by Mexico following their independence from Spain during the War of Independence in 1821.

Rail Road Choke Point and Potential International Terrorist Targets

A choke point is a place where there is only one way thru and where there are few options. Sometimes a choke point for a highway system or set of roads is the same place where oil pipelines come thru, power lines, water supplies, railroad and even communication systems.

Are Our Nations Railways Safe from International Terrorism?

We have recently heard of International Terrorists Cells attacking Oil Refineries. We know they have an affection for commuter trains, ferries, buses, embassies, airliners and hotels. What about our nation’s railways in the United States

Chemical Rail Car Threat from International Terrorists

The Jihadists and International Terrorist are busy threatening our nation and the American People again. But the American People are steadfast in their resolve and want to kill the bad guys, so while they are trying to deal with a place to hide…

International Banks Aim to Combat Corruption

heads of top international financial firms that give financial advice, grants and loans to developing countries have joined hands to battle with corruption. Inter-American Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund have proclaimed that they have reached a consensus to adopt extensive strategies and procedures that is essential for dealing with the evils of corruption.

Buddha Says the USA Cannot Defeat International Terrorism? WTF

A young and naive man going by the screen name of Buddha posted as a guest in an online think tank that he believed that the United States of America was weak and would never win the war on Terrorism. He cited the Vietnam War and the Determination of the International Murderous Terrorists.

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