RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR: Putin Declares a Nuclear Alert, Tragedy Unfolds for the Fifth Day #shorts

Flight 447 Plane Crash Reveals Some Insight!

At first there were questions about whether the Flight 447 plane crash occurred by exploding in the air or whether the jet smashed into the ocean below. The Brazilian Navy did find the tail of the jet, which makes it more likely that the jet did blow apart while it was in the air. According to experts, the tail would probably not stay intact had the plane actually hit the ocean.

18,000 Die in Mexico

In Mexico, 18,000 men, women, and children have died violent deaths related to the drug trade during the last four years. This is the equivalent of six World Trade Center attacks. Now the Cartels are killing American Consulate personnel. Border Cities worry the violence will carry across the border.

Musings of an American Refugee in New Zealand

My seven years living and working in a foreign country have given me unique insights into the social and political landscape of my native country. It has been more than a little alarming to discover the US political system is nowhere near as open or democratic as Americans are led to believe.

AFRICA – A Palace of Strangers

Right from time, Africa is noted for her hospitality to strangers. This attitude has encouraged more strangers over the years to either visit on vacation, or settle in Africa for a brief period, but history shows that there is more to it than hospitality.

Rape As a Political Weapon

Politically motivated sexual violence directed against women is an issue that is seldom the subject of widespread media coverage yet it profoundly affects millions of women in communities worldwide. Organized rape is a tactic used to denigrate and repress political prisoners and victims of war and it is often under reported due to the stigma attached to being a victim of this crime in many parts of the world. Rather than existing as a side effect of war, in countries such as Darfur, Pakistan, Peru, Serbia and Rwanda mass rape has been systematically used as a tool for ethnic cleansing,…

Youth in Crisis – What a Mess and Who to Blame?

This year is the International Year of the Youth (12 August 2010 to 11 August 2011). I believe some big foundations should use this opportunity to launch an initiative that will create awareness and challenge governments and the youth in developing countries.

Industrial Production Booms in Brazil

Fired by its huge domestic market, Brazil’s industrial sector has just achieved its biggest drive since 2003. This together with 2% GDP growth in Q4 last year and the current big interest in Brazil equities and Brazil real estate bring Brazil to the forefront of the world stage.

Help a Child and Help a Community

Many people have already decided to help children in need by sponsoring a child or by donating regularly to charities and Christian ministries that work with children in poverty around the world. But do you realize that when you help a child, you help a community?

Are China and the United States at War?

Are China and the United States at War? Not physical soldier vs soldier, but I’m talking about economic war.

The Diversity of Micronations

Micronations are quite often expressions of political protest, theoretical experimentation, personal entertainment, artistic expression, or the conduct of criminal activity. Some micronations issue postage stamps, coins and medals, have flags and issue passports. The latest list of micronations reports how diverse they are, both in location, political and social alliance.

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