Russia Invades Ukraine: President Joe Biden Delivers Remarks

The Effect of the Greek Debt on Europe

While protests continue in Athens and elsewhere, the Greek financial ‘tragedy’ is causing many analysts to wonder what the repercussions will be for the rest of Europe. The reasons behind the debt are many: poor public spending by less than scrupulous politicians, and the nation’s continued borrowing, being among the prime suspects. But many Greeks are conflicted about who should shoulder the blame.

What is Kiwanis International?

Kiwanis International is an international, co-ed service organization that began in 1915. It first started in Indiana but has since spread to 96 countries with over 8,000 clubs worldwide.

The World Cup, Soccer, Poverty, West Africa, and the Massive Needs of One Competing Nation

Do you know where the Cote d’Ivoire, or Ivory Coast, actually is on the west coast of Africa? Do take time to find out if you are not sure. I was not exactly sure where Uganda and Kenya were until I went there to speak and teach at Pastors and Leaders Seminars. We are approaching the World cup in South Africa and I have a real dilemma.

Bangkok Aftermath – The Hatred, Vitriol and the Blame Game

The ‘red shirt’ protests in Bangkok is over (at least for now). The glitzy shopping district the protesters took over for over two months was being scrubbed clean as I started writing this blog. Thousands of volunteers were sweeping, hosing and doing whatever they can on Sunday to wipe away any sign of the protests.

Israel – Home Of Scientific Innovations

In this essay, I will abstain from the customary political indignation in view of the latest biased Jew bashing and anti-Semitism analogous to that of the medieval and World War II events, and focus instead on the steady medical breakthroughs emanating from Israel, the home of innovation. Although at some point, the use of gene therapy seemed to fade the radar when researchers realized just how great a distance stretched from the concept of using genes for therapy to translating that concept into clinical practice, lately, despite significant hurdles, gene therapy remains alive and steadily under very active investigation, especially by a distinguished team of investigators in Israel.

International Manners

International means between or among nations, deal affairs based on equality. The world has become a global village and they are interconnected with one another. They are nothing without one another, special in this modern age.

Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

What are Prescribed Minimum Benefits? There are over 300 medical conditions covered under the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (or PMBs) classification. These include: any emergency medical condition, a limited set of 270 defined medical conditions and 25 defined chronic conditions.

What is Killing in the Gulf?

Gulf region is a group of resource rich countries located in Middle East. Crime is low and standard of living is on par with the Western world.

Ahamefule – A Passionate Plea

Africans know what it means to preserve a name and so go to any length in order to achieve that. In traditional Africa, whenever a man takes a wife and in the course of time it was discovered that the woman was barren, efforts would be made to either divorce her to make way for another woman, who would produce children for the man.

China Challenges US Interests

On March 15, 2003, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) elected Hu Jintao as President despite the fact that not but five months earlier he was given the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. During this time, the Chinese government as demonstrated that it is willing to make decisive policies that could disrupt United States goals and plans. It has become clear that China poses critical challenges to U.S. economic and strategic interests. Unfortunately, this means that the U.S. hopes for Taiwan’s independence from China is threatened. This threat comes in the form of a formal declaration of independence could lead to a military confrontation between The People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan, a United States ally, because China remains committed to reunification.

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