RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE: New Yorkers Rally in Support of Ukraine

We May Be in Hot Water, But We’re Not Burning in Greece (Yet)

Greece was the “problem du jour” in the early days of May, 2010. Can its “after-effects” still linger days after the riots burst into the news? The economic picture is about to get even worse.

High Politics and Low Politics in Water Business

Global relations theory has long grappled using the conflict between the unilateral sovereignty requirements of states, and also the requirement for cooperation for transboundary transactions. Because the flow of water does not respect political boundaries, it has been clear that regional management, at the watershed egree at least, will be a significantly more effective approach, at least from a management perspective. Nevertheless, drinking water has frequently been “securitized,” primarily because of internal politics, but has frequently had international repercussions.

How World Events Can Affect Fuel Prices

Fuel prices in the United States are dramatically affected by world events. With demand for fuel on the rise, a price increase is caused by any occurrence that causes supply to decline and the decision by OPEC to raise prices.

The Present Situations of China’s Charity

In Chinese ideologies, charity is not only belonging to the frame of moral construction. It is more regarded as an essential part of social protective system. Because of their particular features, the charity organizations can’t be replaced with government in the aiding to members of the whole society.

Private Industry in Water Business

Much of the debate on drinking water will increasingly be around what the proper public and exclusive roles for policy formulation are. Broadly speaking, the resource management decisions are public, whereas service delivery could be either private or open public below regulation. Nevertheless, there is a lot gray area in between.

Reframing the Discussion – Water Sharing and Political Weakness

Drinking water is forcing us to rethink the notions of protection, dependency, and interdependency. Increased interdependence via water-sharing plans and infrastructure networks is frequently viewed as increasing vulnerability and dependence and therefore reducing security. Nevertheless, there is an alternative way to appear at interdependence.

Preventive Diplomacy In Water Business

The causal argument, then, appears both a lot more complex and more subtle in drinking water systems than has been argued, affecting largely issues of stability, rather than violence, and tied intractably to the surrounding political setting. The actual lessons of history turn out to be that, although drinking water can act as an irritant, making great relations bad, and bad relations worse, it hardly ever induces acute violence and often acts like a catalyst to cooperation, even between bitter enemies.

Water Conflict Management Concept – Alternative Dispute Solution And The Stream Of Benefits

The area of conflict management and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has brought new insights to negotiation and bargaining, adding much towards the theory and practice of assisted negotiations, facilitation, and mediation. It has additional practical tools to diagnose the causes of conflict and relate diagnosis to ADR methods. The ADR field has codified a new language of interest-based bargaining.

Obama Appoints Venezuela “Expert” As Ambassador to Colombia

In a move perceived as a confirmation that Washington is awakening to the threat posed by the Chavez regime in Venezuela, the White House reports that president Barack Obama has nominated Peter Michael McKinley as ambassador to Colombia. McKinley, currently ambassador to Peru, was born in Venezuela, and is said to be an expert on matters regarding Colombia’s troublesome neighbor. His resume includes a book he wrote on the colonial history of Venezuela.

Politics and Hydrocooperation

Environmental deficiencies, not abundances, explain the development of irrigation technologies – and irrigation permitted the emergence of urban civilization. One anthropologist states, “the remarkable truth concerning the origins of sophisticated agricultural economy and urban civilization within the ancient world was its area in regions of limited in drinking water supply”.

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