RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE, Launches Military Operation #shorts

Bangkok Red Shirts Vs PM

Bangkok anti government protests cripple the city in Thailand. Now Thailand is rebuilding.

Is Legislation in Malaysia Sufficient Post Enron & Worldcomm?

Directors being pillars of corporate governance should at all times act honestly and use reasonable diligence in the discharge of their duties. This is more so in light of recent major corporate issues like ENRON & Worldcomm in the United States and the Transmile case in Malaysia.

Somali Music Ban

If you were to listen to music in Somalia, you will be killed if the militia took hold of you. Music is banned in Somalia.

What Are the UN Development Goals For the Millennium?

The Millennium Declaration was adopted in September 2000 at the Millennium Summit, signed by 191 countries, and it set the Millennium UN Development Goals. The millennium Declaration is the only global development agenda over which there is agreement at the highest level among the majority of the world states. At the Millennium Summit, the Member States have set eight key targets, known as the UN Development Goals, with specific targets to achieve by 2015.

How to Understand Diverse Cultures

Every society today is a blend of diverse cultures. The best example of cultural diversity is the United States where immigrants have come and settled, but they still keep their cultural practices alive through various religious practices, ceremonies and celebrations. If you are living in a country that is multicultural, then it is important to respect other cultures for the overall peace and harmony in the community and society.

Warning! New Epidemic Swept Across Sub-Saharan Africa

A new epidemic has swept across Sub-Saharan Africa. The disease itself is not new, and is actually as old as the human race, but until now it was disregarded by medicine, especially pediatrics. Its common name is Contagious Smilelessness although quasi-contagious or contagious-like smilelessness would be more accurate to name it.

American Flags Waving in Europe

The American flags proudly waving in front of our homes on Memorial Day weekend serve to remind us of the terrible price of war and the ultimate sacrifice made by someone’s beloved spouse, child, or parent. My heart goes out to family members who have suffered such a loss. In the spring of 1947, when my father (Howard L. Peckham) became in charge of the permanent disposition of more than 145,000 American World War II dead of the European Theater, the stars and stripes proudly waved above 37 temporary American cemeteries scattered throughout Europe, where the fallen had been laid to rest.

Maps of the World – Top 7 Changes in the Last Decade to World Political Geography

People love maps – whether it is to look at where they are in the world, where they have been or where they plan to go. Maps of the world are great as a reference tool. However due to the changing world conditions, they are often out of date within a year. This article outlines the top 7 changes in world geography in the past 10 years.

Faith Men – Where Are They?

Where are our faithful men? I want to know.

Hamas and the Peace Process

The recent Israeli attack on a convoy supposed to be carrying 10,000 tonnes of aid for the people of Palestine is not something that can be viewed through a microscope. It is not an incident that stands in isolation. This incident has to be interpreted keeping in view the overall volatile atmosphere in the Middle East.

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