Russia Convoy Threatens Kyiv; Zelenskyy Gets Standing Ovation

Future of Japan and Feng Shui

I came out with an idea to write about this matter because of an interview I gave recently for the Tokyo American club magazine; the subject was what and how to de-clutter. Also, I read on LinkedIn, a discussion topic about how “Japanese business is very different from the West.”

Made in China – The High Cost Behind the Low Price Tag

Admit it or not, we take many things for granted. About 90 percent of the clothes we wear everyday are made in China. Not to mention the other things we purchase on daily basis – tools, toys, furniture, electronics, and home appliances.

Usain Bolt of Jamaica

It is August 16, 2009 in Berlin. A tall, sinewy man proudly displays the Jamaican flag after winning the World Athletics Championship and setting a new world record for the men’s hundred-meter race. This is Usain Bolt of Jamaica, and he is currently the fastest runner in the world.

How Much Do You Know the American Flag?

The flag of the United States of America is, in my opinion, the most recognizable flag in the planet. Big or small, you’d recognize if they are American flags. Stars and stripes — I don’t think anyone would mistake it for some other country’s flag.

Misconceptions About Africa Tackled

Misconceptions about Africa have spread through the west like a wild fire due to what is broadcast and published in the media on a day to day basis. This series of articles attempts to deal with common misconceptions about Africa. I am African and I have dealt with every issue I will address personally.

How to Apply For a Green Card

Before you apply for a green card, make sure you are eligible. This way, you will avoid using your time, energy, and money only to find out that you are not eligible.

Green Card Lottery – The Facts

Many people apply for the green card lottery each year, and most of them, especially from the developing countries, are desperate to get to the U.S. This paves way for unscrupulous people who operate websites to make money.

United Nations Hold the Fort

The internationally empowered community known as the United Nations is our last and only appeal for peace and civilized progress. The United Nations was established, in the aftermath of a devastating war, to help stabilize international relations and give peace a more secure foundation. Amid the threat of nuclear war and seemingly endless regional conflicts, peacekeeping has become an overriding concern of the United Nations, and the activities of the blue-helmeted peacekeepers have emerged as among the most visible.

Could UK Civil Partnerships Soon Be Recognised in the EU?

UK civil partnerships are not presently recognised outside of the UK, even in EU countries who recognise gay marriage or gay civil partnerships themselves. The British Foreign Office is presently working to encourage other EU countries to formally recognise UK civil partnerships.

Patty Webster, An American Making a Difference

It is a well established fact that the United States of America is the most generous nation on Earth. The United States government directly gives a great deal of money and resources to other countries of the world in need, but it is perhaps the generosity of many American citizens throughout the world that sometimes seems to have that direct impact.

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