Rise in Pricey Car Part Thefts Across NYC

Basilicata – the Esoteric Triangle

The destiny of the human race has been in the hands of secret societies for ages, which dominate us and continue to foretell and plan our futures. Understand that their goals are not the ones we see manifest, rather excuses to obtain the others, the goals they keep hidden. Acerenza, an unknown land proven to be one of the most important centres for secret society conspiracies in southern Italy.

Security Costs at The 2010 Olympics

With the coming of the 2010 Olympic Games coming to Vancouver questions about security will be forefront. Security contractors will be installing thousands of security cameras in and around the city to monitor activity during the proceedings, but watchdogs are fearful their continued use will infringe upon Vancouverites privacy long after the games are over.

What’s Wrong With The United Arab Emirates?

Despite a lovely, mostly tax-free lifestyle for those of us benefiting from the insatiable need that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has for expatriate expertise and labour, I cannot help but feel that this country is in trouble. This article describes how wealth, while solving many problems for Emiratis, has also created challenges that will be difficult to meet.

Mexico Cartel Gang’s Battle On Border – 15 Killed

Over 200 people have been killed so far this year in and around Tijuana. Since taking office in late 2006, President Felipe Calderon has sent some 30,000 soldiers and federal police to fight the drug cartels.

How Miserable Lives Of Tibetan Victims Have Become

Riots in Tibet during the March 14 incident were a nightmare and no one could have ever thought these will be as bloody as ever. These incidents were certainly a devastating experience for the families of the five women who were burned to death in a nearby clothing store where the riots occurred.

Somalia Infiltrated By Islamist Rebels Again

Somalia remains one of the chaotic nations in the world where peace seems to hide its face away from the African nation. With the Islamist rebels gaining control of the country, I wonder how the crisis is being handled by its government. When will the riots and killings end?

Why Many Indian Farmers Commit Suicide

It seems Indian farmers are deeply in need of its government’s attention as millions are trying to end their lives due to poverty and inability to pay their loans. Many reported cases of debt-ridden farmers drinking low-cost variety of hair dye to simply end their misery are an example of these people who struggle the trying times in India’s remote areas. But authorities have already ordered not to sell cheap hair dyes to the farmers.

Alternative Tourism Strategies In The Sultanate Of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a country rich in Heritage and culture with a vast array of tourism attractions and natural beauty; making for a true Arabian experience. Yet, when holiday makers hear or think about Oman, the thoughts are often associated with a wealthy Oil rich country and not that of a holiday destination. This is where the need for a radical boost in Omani tourism stems from.

Erap Will Support Top RP Presidential Candidate In 2010

As the 2010 national poll in the Philippines nears, ousted President Joseph Estrada is determined to be visible again. But this time, he will not be a running candidate but a supporter of who will top the surveys as the next president.

Street Protests For Gender Equality In Bangladesh Result In Injuries

Bangladesh is terribly in hot water as the protest for gender equality is underway. Hundreds are currently experiencing the lashes of the patriarchal system of male dominance over women.

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