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Looking for wheel repair in Newburgh? If you are driving a car on the pot hole filled streets in Orange County, It is only a matter a time before you hit one. Bent and cracked ally wheels are expensive to replace. OEM rims start at more than $350 and go up to $1,400 per wheel. Rims Like New offers the following suggestions for rim repair in Newburgh.

Are your low profile tires leaking air?

Low profile tires are notorious for leaking after the rim is bent. And it doesn’t require much of a bend. Many mistakenly believe the tire needs to be replaced. However, it is often a bent or cracked rim. Your local tire shop like Mavis Tires can tell you for certain.


How much does it cost to fix a bent rim?

At $350 for a the most basic new OEM rim most car owners opt to just repair the bent rim. Most bent rims can be repaired for under $150. If you have a high end sports car or sports utility $150 is a steal of a deal compared to $1,000 or more for a new OEM alloy wheel. Best of all Rims Like New doesn’t charge any money of they can’t repair and balance the wheel

Can you fix a cracked rim?

Rims Like New has experience repairing cracked wheels. Manny has a proprietary welding system for fixing cracks. If the wheel can not be fixed there is no charge to the customer.

Powder coating Wheels

Just suppose you are tired of the aluminum finish and want a flat black matte finish? Instead of buying a new set of wheels consider powder coating your old rims. Our powder costing process gives a factory finish to your car wheels to make them like like new.

  • Any bends are repaired.
  • Any cracks are welded and fixed.
  • The wheel is sand blasted to remove the old finish and any pitting.
  • Many designer colors to choose from.

What about Curb rash?

Have you scraped or scratched your beautiful car wheels? Imagine them looking beautiful again. Contact Manny for your options.

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