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Parliamentary Labour Party Rejects Its New Messiah

The Labour Party, in opposition in the British Parliament, is in serious disarray because the rank and file party members have elected a leader who is far more radical than the party’s mainstream parliamentary members. Jeremy Corbyn, a left-wing back bencher of many years standing, was elected by a greatly expanded electorate which included many new party members signed up for a fee of only £3. These grassroots members gave Corbyn an overwhelming lead on the first ballot and he easily defeated rival candidates favoured by ex-ministers and long-serving members of parliament. The result is that the new leader is struggling with a shadow cabinet that has views widely divergent from his own on a number of key policies.

Pope Francis, Great Guy, But Victim of Culture & a Phony System?

The world loves Pope Francis for his acceptance of everyone as they are-even atheists. The question is, can he deliver the goods for a United Nations New World Order? Here are some potential problems.

How England Deals With Gun Owners

At a time when the issue of civilian gun ownership is again a subject of lively debate in the USA, it is interesting to consider how an isolated case of gun ownership has been handled in England, where a farmer has been arrested on suspicion of possessing an illegal firearm. What makes this case of especial interest is the fact that this same man shot dead a burglar in 1999, and was convicted of murder and sentenced to nine years in prison. It would seem from statements made recently in the social media by people demanding the right to bear arms in the USA, that many people feel that householders in the farmer’s position should have the right to use lethal force to protect their property.

Tragedies Follow Worship Of False Gods

The worshipers of idols and those caught in the trap of heaven and hell are not of God and the Spirit is dealing with them. The fear of God is not in man who seeks to go his own way and make-believe and a good story is more important to him that the truth.

Why Do People Link Spirit With Religion And Fail To See The Supreme Power Of The Universe?

Just because someone does not follow a religion it does not make them an atheist. Many who fall into this category believe in a higher power but do not know who or what it is.

Why Terrorism, Climate Change, Over Population, And All Disasters Reflect God’s Anger

The Spirit of God is destroying the evil of the world and will remove all those who oppose it. The plan of God is written in prophecy for those with an ear to hear and eyes to see.

Why God Led Man To Invent The Internet

Not everyone has access to the Internet but all can watch TV or listen to the radio. The means by which news is spread is now so global that no matter where one is they are not out of reach.

Artists Created Pictures To Credit The False Gods And Religious Claims

Those who are taken in by the images that are presented for worship in religious organisations are not in the Spirit. Those with a sense of spirituality are appalled by them and will quickly leave their presence.

The Mother God Married To The Bull God-Man

People are confused about religious origins because of the variations in worship and the many names of the gods created from celestial bodies. Now it is almost impossible to tell which one is right or even if any of them are.

What Constitutes A False Prophet And How To Recognise The Same

The world is grossly misled by the actions of the religious leaders who altered the prophecies and buried them deep so that only the false prophets can be heard. But the Spirit is now shedding light over what they did and the truth is being restored.

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