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President Martelly Slows Down on His Plans for the New Army in Haiti

President Martelly backed off somewhat on his plan to restore the Haitian Armed Forces on Friday. Haiti’s military was disbanded in 1995 with the approval of then President Aristide who feared the growing power of the military.

Project To Combat Rural Exploitative Child Labor In Peru

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, otherwise known as OASAM, is an agency operating within the United States Department of Labor that is mostly accountable for the promulgation and progression of policies, standards, procedures, systems, and materials that are related to resource and administrative management of the department. The endeavours of OASAM are consistently guided by its agency mission which is “provide leadership and support for departmental business operations and procurement; budget and finance; information technology; human resources and civil rights; security and emergency management; and strategic planning.” In addition to all its present…

Syrian Opposition – If the Assad Regime Falls, Who Are These Guys and Can They Be Trusted?

Apparently, there is a large group of defectors from the Syrian army, which are now leading the fight against the Assad Regime. So far, they have attacked a Syrian military base which had aerial intelligence facilities. In many regards this is good, because it means the Assad regime cannot use that information and intelligence to attack their own people and civilians.

Canada Will Soon Become a Jobs Hub

Already the Minister of Canada’s Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism- Jason Kenney is planning to bring in more than 10,000 skilled workers and professionals by 2012 to fill in the vacant positions in Canada. That’s a lot considering the unemployment rates that are bursting out of every corner in the world, but Canada seems to shift on the other foot. Like China, Canada’s economy is booming and the need for workers are ever-increasing and since there’s not enough manpower within their local population, the government is looking elsewhere to help fill this gap.

Full Potential Of Oil Reserves In Iraq Not Realised

Around 66 oil reserves have been discovered in Iraq, while most of it still remains unexplored. It is suspected that more discoveries of oil fields will be made in the years to come. However, with the resources lying at its feet, Iraq is unable to utilise it to its maximum potential.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2012

The ‘Fu’ or ‘Good Luck!’ Symbol is always conspicuously displayed during the Chinese New Year Period. Intriguingly, ‘Fu’ has two different meanings, depending on which way up you view it, both together mean ‘Happy New Year!

United States Pulls Financial Strings To Control Iran

United States sets new rules in oil market in a hope that Iran’s finances will be reduced. The article talks about the event and its aftereffects.

Assad’s Last Stand in Syria and End of an Era in That Region of the Middle East

Well, it is official Turkey has levied sanctions economically on the government of Syria. The Assad regime has already felt the effects of the crippling sanctions from the Arab League, as well as the Western world, after a recent UN vote. Every day, the news just gets worse.

Japanese Tohoku Earthquake of 2011

The Japanese Tohoku Earthquake of 2011 led to one of the biggest humanitarian crises and environmental disasters in human history. The earthquake came as a total surprise even to the advanced geology tracking system in Japan, and was of 9.0 magnitude, making it one of the five most powerful earthquakes on record.

Towards Women Empowerment in Indian Society

Quite often there is some confusion when we use terms like “gender equality”, “women’s empowerment” and “female autonomy”. While they may be used differently to suit the context, these are all essentially the order in which women are evolving in modern society today.

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