President Biden Remarks on Ukraine

North Koreas Hotel of Doom

To many people buildings are a source of pride, particularly when a nation is trying to show it’s status in the World. The higher, the bigger and the most hi-tech the building becomes, the more it seems a symbol of rising national confidence. But one building, the “Hotel of Doom” may symbolize the delayed dreams of a hermit Republic- North Korea.

Brazil – The Reawakening of a Giant

Brazil has always been dubbed the country of tomorrow. With its vast natural resources, the world’s biggest rain forest and being the world 10th largest country, Brazil is trying to re-insert itself in the political arena. Mismanaged and plagued by corrupt politicians in the past, and with a huge gap between the rich and poor, Brazil was asleep for a long time.

A Spotlight on American Good Will in the 2009 Obama Era

The world hailed America’s election of the first non-white leader of a western industrialized country. A global perspective of America demonstrates the wisdom of the choice.

What Are the Chinese Doing in Pakistan’s Kashmir?

There is a lot of turmoil and chaos going on in Pakistan’s population right now. They are also experiencing a huge economic issue with inflation and high and employment. Things are at a boiling point, and that is before you even consider the reality of Al Qaeda and the Taliban at odds with the Pakistani government, and any US involvement with the government or within the region.

Discovering Australia Through Coins

This article gives some insight to the wealth of information available at the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint. These mints provide excellent sources of information on Australia.

Health is Wealth & The Rule is Getting Mandatory

The article talks about Health Facilities in UAE & how can a common man reach its extent to benefit from it. Further addressing more on Group Medical Insurance coverage & its benefits for corporate & its employees.

Change Has Come to Ghana

Politics as it is always said, is a dirty game but at some time or other we all have to endure that game. It is the process in which we elect the ones that we would like to leads us in whatever the specific amount of years may be. We may not like the outcome of the end results, but after it is proved who the winner is we all have to abide with it and settle down to try and get our country moving in the right direction.

Socio-Economic and Cultural Myths About India

These myths about India may make great conversational topics but just how poverty and illiteracy are realities so are a thriving democracy and economic opportunities for the young. According to the recent eBook on the Myths About India, several of these myths have been shattered and change and optimism are in the air.

Unemployment Looms in the East – The Creation of Jobs in China

China’s solution to rapidly increasing unemployment figures in 2008 was to simply create millions of jobs. However, the true economic purpose of these jobs is close to zero. Once the currency appreciates and wages rise, these jobs will disappear. Unless something changes, China will have to face a huge unemployment problem in the future.

Vietnamese Translation Service Facilitates Danish Queen’s Visit to Vietnam

On November 2, 2009, Vietnam and Denmark signed an agreement on cultural cooperation for the period extending from 2009-2014 during Queen Margrethe II’s visit to Vietnam from Denmark. The agreement will facilitate artistic and cultural cooperation and exchanges between the two countries during the period, and will include cultural exchanges between people and organizations involved in the arts.

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