President Biden Provides Update on Russia and Ukraine

Saudi Arabia Crude Oil

This article talks about Saudi Arabia light crude oil. If you wish to learn the vital things about Saudi Arabia oil and its light crude oil, then you need to read the content of this article to learn more about it.

The Sparpaket, Germany Tightening Up the Belt

Two years when I heard of the bankruptcy of an American bank. Everybody talked about it, and months later the old story happened again and again all around Europe. Capitalism and its domino effect.

Sethu Samudram Project Of India

There is a proposal for digging the narrow and shallow waterway between India and Ceylon, for enabling the navigation of ships which have to circumvent Ceylon at present. It may look attractive but should be studied impartially by scientists, to decide the technical feasibility.

International Cost of Living Index Rank 2010

The cost of living for an expatriate is affected by both the availability and prices, of goods and services representative of an expatriate lifestyle, local inflation, and the exchange rate between the home and host country. As a result the cost of living has a significant impact of an expatriate’s salary package.

China’s Growth – Amazing and Alarming

Many say that China’s growth should not alarm the US, as all nations go throw growth periods, and the civilization cycles are well documented throughout history. Of course, no nation with 1.3 billion people has ever gone through such a growth period, and there are inherent risks involved. Industrial revolutions, worker revolts, economic crisis, resources, food, etc, etc, and of course there will be challenges with all things that civilization need to remain viable.

Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday Celebrated in Bhutan

The Birthday of Guru Rinpoche is a public holiday in Bhutan. The kingdom of Bhutan is fondly known as the “land of thunder dragons” to their citizens.

Armenia Commemorates Constitution Day

July 5, 1915 was the day in which by referendum the Armenian people approved the Constitution of the Armenian Republic. In its article 117, the constitution sets the date of July 5 to be celebrated as Constitution Day in Armenia.

Antigua and Barbuda Celebrate CARICOM Day

Every year on the first Monday in July, Antigua and Barbuda commemorates the treaty establishing the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) under the Treaty of Chaguaramas, signed on July 4, 1973. The other nations who signed the treaty are Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. The day is called CARICOM Day.

Curacao Celebrates Curacao Flag Day

Curacao Day: July 2, 2010 Curacao celebrates Curacao Flag Day as a public holiday. The local inhabitants of the island of Curacao commemorate the founding of the island by the Spanish sailor Alonso de Ojeda in 1499.

Canada Day

Formerly known as Dominion day, Canada Day is a federal holiday celebrating on the 1st of July the enactment of the British North Americas Act of 1867. The celebrations commemorate Canada instated as a single country of 4 provinces. Also known as the Birthday of Canada marks the joining of the British colonies, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the province of Canada divided into Quebec and Ontario.

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