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The Great Indian Delusional Matrix

Owing to recent rapid strides made by India, a respectable school of thought has gained ground, which hails India as the great economic power of the twenty first century. This article is a reality check, lest such delusions of being the next great power blind us to the ground level realities.

Special Report – The Art Of Economic Espionage – Why China Is Crushing America’s Global Supremacy

Modern historiography specialists have long argued that an essential segment in the study of human evolution is inextricably tied to the basic understanding that societies generally emerge, progress and fall cyclically. Such frequency in social evolution is not just a consequence of endogenous factors, it also results from the impact of the external environment, be it close – neighboring constituencies vying for the same resources – or far – as part of a larger geographical area.

Goodbye Copenhagen, Hello Haiti!

The outpouring of financial aid in the wake of Haiti’s seismologic calamity is a welcome sign of global largesse. Though short-term monies will be disbursed for certain, past practice suggests long-run pledges are less likely to be, unless country leaders are proactive.

The Problems of Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand Today

Just as modern society is changing, the hill tribes of Thailand today are facing growing social and economic problems. As hill tribe villages once located in remote mountainous areas are brought closer to urban Thailand through improved roads, infrastructure, and technology, this is all having a huge impact on their way of life.

Google Vs China and the Future of the Internet

With Google’s threat to pull out of China, all eyes are on the unfolding drama to find out what the future of the internet will look like in that part of the world. Amidst accusations of cyber attacks by the company and claims of intellectual property theft, Google has threatened to abandon all operations in that county. Cyber espionage experts claim that these attacks must be state sponsored, in an attempt to catch up and pass their western rivals technologically and militarily.

Hungarians Buy Themselves an Airline – Is Malev Saved?

Malev looks back on a proud history that started on 26 November 1950 when the company began independent operations as the successor of MASZOVLET, a post-war enterprise run together with the Russians. As the national flag carrier, Malev flew far and wide, providing the vital links to Europe and the Middle-East during the communist years.

His Holiness – The Dalai Lama

When Sonam Gyatso, the 3rd Dalai lama, met with the Mongol ruler Altyn Khan in 1578, the, grandson of Gengis Khan, he indirectly bestowed the title of Ta-Le (Dalai) meaning ocean. Altyn addressed him in Mongol by the name of Gyatso Lama.

Central Bureau of Investigation Busts Fake US Bank Cheque Racket

Have you received a US bank check lately? How sure are you of getting it cashed? Unscrupulous individuals have been at work printing and circulating fake checks supposedly issued by US banks amounting to millions of US dollars.

About the ICTA BPO Program in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

This article focuses on the recently ended IT-BPO career program in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. For a detailed report and to learn more please have a close look at this article.

Categories of News and How it Influences Lives

What is new and what is happening in your vicinity, in your region, in your country and across the world is news. The news segment is a revenue generation sector that is a source of employment to millions of people across the world.

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