Parents React to Shooting of NYC Girl Before 1st Birthday, Ask Gunman to ‘Do the Right Thing’

What You Don’t Know About the Internet in China

The internet in China, while it is still essentially the same as in countries outside the great firewall, has a few key differences. After living in China for almost four years now, the nuances of living inside the Great Firewall have become second nature to and it’s hard to believe that just a few years ago I had no idea what to expect when I came here.

The Dare Devil Operation of Major Skorzeny

What is bravery? It is an act of attempting to do the impossible. One such episode has caught my imagination.

Rethinking Google In China

Google has been in a love-hate relationship with China since 2002 when it was first blocked for a period of about two weeks. From that time on the news has been sprinkled with intermittent flashes of “Google in China” this or “Google in China” that. As with any argument, there are two sides to the coin, and China has its own reason and logic as to what Google should and shouldn’t do.

Social Media and Internet Censorship in China

It seems that only after living in China for an extended period of time has the internet censorship in China begun to affect my way of living. Personally, I rarely use Facebook, Blogger, MySpace or any other form of recent years’ social media, so my initial arrival in China was quite smooth. Many expats every year are disheartened by their refused access to these sites. It seems that coming to China not only challenges Westerners to accept a new culture and a new way of living, but also challenges them to give up some of the every-day things from back home.

The Battle Rages in Libya

The battles have begun in earnest in Libya. Muammar Gaddafi, seeing his grip on Libya slipping away, has stepped up his offensive, launching an assault on the oil and port city of Berga early in the morning. The protesters fought valiently as gunfire ripped through the night air to keep the pro-government forces at bay.

A Comparison of Canadian and American Political Systems

In attempting to compare and discuss Canadian versus the American health care systems often those “Stateside” often are confused or do not understand the differences in setup, functioning and workings of the Canadian as opposed to the American model of the USA. Here is a brief explanation of the differences between the two so that a better in depth comprehension and understanding can be had.

What Will You Do To Cope With Rising Gas Prices And Your Job?

On February 17th I wrote an article about the coming increases in gas and food prices. Why is this increase happening quicker then was originally thought? I will explain what I have learned in the past few days why this is happening and why it is only the beginning. I have included a web site to visit from an expert who predicted this calamity 4 months ago, why there is urgency for Americans to know the real truth.

The Emperor’s Speech

Americans can be excused if we do not understand why a constitutional democracy would have a royal head of state. But in times of dire need, people who were raised in a monarchy know why they want one.

Top 10 Weird Presidential Facts

1. The induction of Andrew Johnson as Abraham Lincoln’s vice-president in 1865 was marred a little by the fact that Johnson was incredibly drunk. He’d been downing whiskey in an effort to medicate himself for typhoid fever (that was his excuse, anyway) and was so far gone by the time he was sworn in that he garbled his oaths, and had to abandon his attempts to swear in new senators.

UN General Assembly Functions

The general assembly is seen as one of the chief organ of the United Nations organization. It could be recall that the united nations was conceive as the answer to a world torn by license and anarchy and ravaged by the excess of aggressive, self-centered national states. Almost from its inception, the United Nations was transformed into an arena of power jostling, and the lesser states were not long in using the world body for their own largely exclusive pursuits.

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