Orange County Supervisor: Pipeline Breach Capped, Oil Still Leaking In Southern California

The World Is Under the Rule of 666

When one looks around at what the world is and of the hell that many are now going through they wonder why? The facts are that we are under the rule of 666 who established the World Order. He was a brutal, dictatorial, and murderous Roman Emperor with the power to deceive and force everyone to follow his religion and his laws.

People With Intelligence Are Blinded by Religious Hype and False Gods

It’s an incredible fact that even highly educated and one would think extremely intelligent scholars are befuddled by lies and a great fraud by the religious organisations. They believe in heaven and hell and even attend the churches where these things are promoted. That extends to astrophysicists who spend hours of their time looking into space at the hundreds of zillions of stars and planet, among other things, and can clearly see there are no such places.

666 Has the World in His Grip

It doesn’t take too much imagination to know that the world is in trouble – BIG TROUBLE. My home is in the Southern Highlands region of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in Australia and normally at this time we would have snow on the surrounding hills and be in heavy winter gear. That is not the case, however, as out overnight and daytime temperatures are way above normal and most are wearing summer clothes.

Why Worship of Evil Is Rife

It’s everywhere in the world and the idea that one must act to oppose nature is what is destroying the world and all life upon it. The young are not reared to care about anything much as they act in a violent and aggressive manner towards others and many are now engaging in things like suicide bombings, mass shootings, drugs, and other forms of killing instruments. Those who oppose them can easily be wiped out and evil reigns with a vigour that is terrorising entire populations.

Why Is Everyone So Concerned About A Wall On the Mexican Border – We Already Have a Fence There

It seems bizarre to me that Mexican TV stations are getting the Hispanic Population up in arms over Trump’s desire to build a better barrier along the US-Mexican Border. We already have a fence with barbed wire in the most popular crossing points – in some places in excess of 18-feet high. The current fences are strong – you cannot ram a truck through them. In many places however the border fences are not very high, in a state-of-disrepair and easily penetrated by those who seek to illegally enter our nation on foot. I have yet to hear anyone suggest we should get rid of our current fences, yet, cannot believe the politically motivated so-called “outrage” when Donald Trump suggested we build a more solid and substantial wall.

Constantine Gouged Out Eyes, Tortured, and Beheaded People to Force Acceptance of Catholicism

He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD, a year after he ordered the death of his eldest son, Crispus, whom he had previously made a Caesar to help him defeat Licinius. His goal was sole emperor and to do it he had a plan in mind which involved removing all opposition. He killed off at least 2 other Caesars to do it and all of their family members, including his own nieces, nephews, and sisters.

Trump’s Wall Will Never Happen

Listening to the raving and hateful messages he announced in his speech yesterday was enough to know that the wall Trump promises to build if elected will never happen. He is a potential dictator who assumes he will run the government if elected president. That simply cannot happen in the USA as it is not a one-man show.

End Time Visions Coming to Pass

Most people see that we are in the last days without knowledge of the evidence that is overwhelming. The earth is in its death throes with climate change, loss of species, and other things related to human activity. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, many visions were given to me of what is to come and how much the world will suffer the consequences of its evil.

Jakarta Governor Basuki T.Purnama (Ahok) and His Social Programs

Socialism has always been a debatable topic in terms of its success as a system. In this article we are going to list Governor Basuki T.Purnama’s accomplishments in carrying out his Social Programs based on the principles of Pancasila, the hallmark of the Indonesian ideology.

Over the Top: The Most Beautiful Elevators in the World

Elevators exist where there are beautiful buildings. Always keep in mind that a well-maintained elevator is as good as the most beautiful ones.

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