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Concepts of International Peace

Peace has long been among humanity’s greatest values–for several, supreme value. Peace within any price. The most disadvantageous peace is actually much better compared to the most simply war. Peace is much more critical than all justice.The best unjust peace is probably better than the justest war which was actually waged. There never was an excellent war or maybe a terrible peace. Nevertheless, we agree little bit on what’s peace. Probably the most popular (Western) perspective can be as an absence of war, violence, or dissension. Significance discovered in the brand new Testament and perhaps an initial significance of the Greek word for peace, Irene.

The Biafra Conscriptors: Memoirs of the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War, 1967-1970

Chapter 1, section II: The Arrest of Uncle Gilbert, August 8, 1968 Inside the pit toilet where he had foolishly entered to urinate and defecate, the two recruiters cornered him. Realizing the situation he had walked into, he admitted to himself how unwisely he had acted, knowing full well that this was a time of war and he was the only youth of fighting age left in Eziama. All the others had been killed, or were presently away fighting for the Igbos and for Biafra.

Madmen, The Insanity Continues

In no other time in our history has there been such corruption and insanity coming from Washington and especially the White House. Trump and his henchmen have all but obliterated the Constitution. Now, with the world turning its eyes toward Syria after another so called chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people our fearless leader has taken it upon himself to interfere with military action that has global repercussions.

What Made the Hindu Code Bill So Important for Ambedkar?

The article is based on the compilation of the speech by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar during course of proceedings of the Hindu Code Bill by Sharmila Rege. Ambedkar gives the salient points of the Hindu Code Bill. Those were the times in India when atrocities on women were rampant and inequalities between men and women had reached its zenith

Domestic Players and the Sustainable Development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry

INTRODUCTION – The Nigerian oil and gas industry is the primary source of revenue for the government and has an industry value of about $20 billion. It is Nigeria’s main source of export and foreign exchange earnings and as well a major employer of labour. A combination of the crash in crude oil price to below $50 per barrel and post-election restiveness in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta region resulted in the declaration of force majeure by many international oil companies (IOC) operating in Nigeria.

The Last Fascist Dictator of Europe

Fascism is a philosophy that is as old as history. It really means that when there is chaos in society then the government must take over with an Iron hand. This theory of Fascism comes down to modern times from the Roman era.

Why Supporting Allies Should Be A National Priority: 5 Examples

Perhaps, because of the advances in technology, including computers, the Internet, and the necessity of cyber – security, or, perhaps, because of the development, of so many, possible, weapons of mass destruction, etc, there may be, more need, than ever, on strategic alliances, etc, than ever! In today’s, often – threatening, disconcerting, times, wouldn’t it make sense, if our leader’s focused on becoming, even stronger allies, with our historical friends, and those, closest to sharing our common views, regarding freedoms, liberties, etc? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, and review, 5 examples, of why…

The Annual Ramadan Rampage

We are bombarded from all corners of the globe about Islam being the religion of peace. Yet each year, during Ramadan, we read of violence from all quarters of the earth perpetrated by followers of Islam. Why is that? Take a brief tour around the world of headlines and decide for yourselves.

Let’s Close Our Ranks

This is a word of encouragement to my people the (Bachama tribe) and the Numan Federation to unite against the forces that are trying to disintegrate them and to cause disharmony and also to stand against their oppressors. It is vital to note that, without unity, as a tribe we will be doomed. As we face external aggressors, we cannot afford to have internal aggressors and expect to win the war. Let’s unite. We may have different opinions on some issues but we can always disagree to agree.

Staying Calm and Educated in an Angry World

In a world full of political turmoil, staying calm and dealing with proven facts, not hearsay, helps us all to cope better. Looking beyond the news into history, psychology and biographical facts gives us important clues on who to trust.

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