Omicron Variant Leads to NYC’s New COVID Vaccine Mandate

Modest Sanctions And Wishful Diplomacy

Russian aggression has drawn only modest sanctions; Chinese expansionism has seen none. The results are strewn across Ukrainian fields.

It’s Time We Saved the World

It’s true, there’s a fix that offers the world a universal opportunity for growth, without us being constantly behind the 8-ball of tragedy. And it’s our duty as civilized, progressive people to pursue them; we cannot continue to claim intelligence, and continue to pass societal ills onto future generations to deal with, too.

Life, Liberty, and Migrants

This is the perspective of a missionary working in Guatemala of the current immigration issue in the U.S. We have seemingly forgotten how our country was founded and the basic principles we claim to believe in regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let freedom ring.

Putin’s Fleas

Benjamin Franklin would have known exactly what to make of Vladimir Putin. Businesses that got into bed with Putin’s Russia are rediscovering what happens when you lie down with dogs.

The Ukrainian Identity

First bloody riots; then a terrorist act; now mutual sanctions. In a period of a few months Ukraine went from a stable democracy to a conflict zone. While Russians and Americans are hitting each other with sanctions, neighbors continue to kill each other and innocent people.

Parallels – One Take on Gaza

Let’s bring the attacks down to the level of the school grounds and see if we would still react the same way. Take a group of 3rd grade bullies, a group of 1st graders, the rest of the lower grades, the parents and the teachers. Then translate it onto the world stage.

War – What Can You Say About It

This article is about war today. Delves into the Ukraine/Russia conflict. Poses the question. “What would lead you to war?”

A World In Crisis

When sabers rattle in the wake of the downed Malaysian jetliner MH17 cooler heads must prevail. One might conclude that this was just like out of the script from the movie “The Sum Of All Fears.” A similar scenario could very well be in play at this very moment.

For The French Jewish Women: Don’t Back Down

This is a call for the Jewish women in today’s France to stand up with their men and proclaim equality with their so called “Palestinian” persecutors. Do not be afraid!

Importance of NGOs In the Developing Society

NGOs or Non- governmental organizations made their first appearance in the mid of the nineteenth century, just after the World War II. The basic aim of forming these organisations was to provide support to the common people who had suffered a major loss in the post-World War scenario.

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