Omicron Variant in the Tri-State: Everything You Need to Know for Dec. 17

Where Is Ayman Al-Zawahiri Hiding?

The conventional wisdom, long expressed publicly and privately by U.S. intelligence sources, is that Ayman al-Zawahiri is in a spider hole somewhere in Pakistan, just as many other Al Qaeda terrorists are also. But Pakistan is a very large place; it covers some 300,000 square miles, the 37th largest nation in the world, a piece of real estate that is ten per cent larger than Texas. Where in Pakistan might he be? For starters, most analysts think that he is almost certainly in a place in Pakistan where there are women and children nearby so that a drone strike would be ruled out simply because of the number of innocents who would have to die with Al-Zawahiri were he to be spotted and then blown up with a missile. That rules out most of the wild and wooly Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan, the North-West Frontier Province near the eastern edge of the iconic Khyber Pass into the Himalayas.

Dora Nkem Akunyili, an Intellectual Giant With Outstanding Achievements!

Dora Nkem Akunyili is a woman with firm principles. She can be described as a woman with the potentials to do things beyond her abilities. She truly has what it takes to progress successfully from one achievement to another. She is a woman who has the natural propensity to do things productively; her high degree of intelligence is worth talking about.

Roman Origins in Assyrian Roots and Babylon

Roman roots are traceable to the city of Babylon and the Assyrians. They built Rome and Constantine established the catholic church based on the religion of that city.

Terrorism – More Logical Than Loving the Enemy?

Some, perhaps many, Muslims hate the West. The dislike varies according to what question is asked, when it is asked and where. Generally speaking, what is detested is sexual freedom being exported around the rest of humankind. And there is anger about the West’s political support for Jewish occupation of Palestine. What is controversial is the degree of minority support for terrorism: the extremist Islamists who turn themselves into suicide bombers killing people at random in busy streets in the West in revenge for what is seen as the dropping of bombs on innocent Iraqi and Afghani citizens.

If the US Makes An Enemy On Human Rights Issues – China Immediately Finds a New Friend

It is my contention that it is time for China to join the international community in demanding “human rights” around the globe. The Chinese will go further faster using a pro-human rights approach even as they scour the world for raw materials and places to make FDI (foreign direct investment). Yes, lets talk.

Fancy Changing Your Name?

In the UK we can name our children without restriction, and furthermore we can change our given name and surname to whatever we please and however many times we like; in this respect we are one of the most liberal nations in the world. In other countries, however, the laws are quite different and often surprisingly strict. This article offers a few examples…

Joy To the Chinese Fishes In the Deep Blue See, Joy To You And Me?

Indeed, I was wondering the other day if the Chinese government will require all fish swimming through its supposed territorial waters to stop and register with the Communist Government there. I laughed, because there are huge dead zone (lack of oxygen) off their coasts, thus, no fish would want to swim there. Obviously, their fishermen now have to go further to get reliable unpolluted fish, a mainstay food item for the Chinese, right up there with rice, right? Let’s talk.

Chinese Year of the Wood Horse 2014: Amazing London Celebrations!

Our Troupe’s three Lions Danced together non-stop in around 40-50 fortunate venues during my 5 hour plus shift manipulating the 12 ft pole and 10 ft flag in martial arts fashions. Fortunately, I was able to avoid all the hanging Chinese Lanterns, flags, banners, signs and even trees in our way during this period.

Mexico Procurement Goes Beyond Just Oil and Its Products

Mexico procurement is mostly about minerals like petroleum, silver and gold. Among other products natural gas, timber, cocoa, and cotton are noteworthy. Procurers have varied option of choosing between minerals and agricultural commodities.

In Russia, FedEx Is Cast Away

Onerous new import procedures halt international parcel delivery to Russian consumers. Do svidaniya, Wilson.

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