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It’s Now Greek to All of Us – Market Draws Line in the Sand Around Greece

The market has drawn a proverbial line in the sand, and it runs along the Greek border. Investors have decided that the future of the free world lives and dies with Greece. The thinking is that if Greece defaults, it will have a Lehman type domino effect and not only bring down other weak nations like Portugal, Italy and Spain (those are the PIIGS you’ve probably heard about, add in Ireland and you see the acronym), but strong banks too. There is certainly reason to worry. They are right.

Oldest News Report Was Printed In Mexico City

The first ever news report was an eight-page booklet published in 1541 after a storm and earthquake devastated Guatemala. Although the printing press had been invented in Europe about a century earlier, in 1440, the field of journalism had yet to be invented.

First Government Overthrow, Then Chaos, and Next Legitimate Elections – How Does That Work?

It is rather interesting that the world media convinced US citizens that all of the turbulence, protests, riots, and “Days of Rage” in Egypt and Tunisia were all about democracy and power to the people. Unfortunately, what many people didn’t understand was that the utter chaos, anarchy, and problems that followed, and will continue into the future will be far worse for the citizens living in those countries. Right now, the populations of these countries are having a tough time feeding themselves, and their economic base has been destroyed.

Artist Usher Raymond’s New Look Foundation Continues to Grow After More Than a Decade of Service

Often is the case that when celebrities reach certain levels of success, they get involved in philanthropic initiatives or take the ultimate step by forming their own charitable organization. Following a successful breakthrough into the American R&B music genre in the 1990s, Usher Raymond IV (known simply as “Usher”) did just that, founding a non-profit organization by the name of New Look Foundation.

“I Know You Are, But What Am I?” – Closing the Cultural Gap

Conflicting values, mixed with impatience and a lack of understanding, are often at the root of discontent. Accusing the Chinese shopkeepers of being rude may appear reasonable until you learn their culture considers placing money directly in a customer’s hand a sign of disrespect. What needs to be changed; your assumption or their actions?

In Celebration of Independence Day

July 4, 1776 While the birth of our nation followed several years later with the signing of the Articles of Confederation (1781), and still later the Constitution of the United States (September 17, 1787), the fourth of July is our country’s most coveted day – Independence Day. The day we recognize as the signing date of the Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. With the stroke of the quill, and in John Hancock’s case, a flourish, thirteen small colonies declared their separation from the most powerful nation on earth, their former sovereign.

Charitable Donations: To Give Or Not To Give?

As responsible members of our communities and compassionate people, we all want to give as much as we can to charitable organizations. After all, the money that we give to charities is really an investment in our communities, our country, and the world at large.

Secrets and Dimensions Under the Earth

Recent archeological discoveries in Egypt mark the beginning of re-learning ancient ways to work with the natural world and the planet to help the evolution of man. What more is there to be revealed?

Africa Youth Are Disillusioned With Politics

Far more than half the continent of Africa consists of young people under the age of thirty. They are seen everywhere: in the fields working, sitting on school benches, and on the urban streets and football pitches, but very few are actively involved in mainstream politics in Africa.

Nation Building: The Difference Between Unity and Uniformity

In nation building, it requires patriotism to recognize the wide difference between the two related terms: unity and uniformity. In places where there are regions, religious differences, tribes, etc, it will take time to achieve progress if uniformity, and not unity, takes the centre stage.

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