NYPD Detective Shot on Staten Island While Executing Warrant, Suffers Serious Wound | News 4 Now

AIDS Orphans: A Generation At Risk

The most devastating effect on the world’s children, as the HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to spread around the world, has been the alarming increase in the number of children who have been orphaned by the disease particularly in the developing world. Children orphaned by AIDS are not like orphans whose parents died from other diseases. HIV ultimately makes people ill but it runs an unpredictable course.

Osama Bin Laden Got a Burial At Sea – Gaddafi Gets a Las Vegas Mafia Style Burial in the Desert

When our special forces went in and took out Osama bin Laden, they cleaned him up little bit, verified his DNA, and gave him a proper burial at sea. A Viking burial if you will, well not exactly, but you get the point? They dropped him into the ocean, and I assume that was the end of it.

Should Families of Slain Arab Spring Protestors Get an Additional Vote for the New Government?

Any time a government is overthrown, there is a chance that society and civilization will break down, and be thrown into utter chaos. The Arab Spring has already produced many such instances. And, it appears that the protests and riots may turn into the Arab Fall and an Arab Winter before all of this is over.

Vellupani Prabhakaran and the Eclipse of the LTTE

Vellupani Prabhakaran was a Tamil from Sri Lanka who took up the task of opposing the Sri Lanka government on issues of far-reaching importance. The basic issue was that after Ceylon was given independence by the British, the Sinhala majority passed certain laws that blatantly discriminated against the Tamil minority. Background This discrimination against the Tamil population was bound to have a back lash.

Palestine Prepares for Statehood – Part 1

Hiba, a young university student in Ramallah dominates the conversation with dreams of her country’s future, and confidence her generation will build a new nation that is equal to any other in the world.  This is the new Palestine.

Deserving Sympathy: Kashmir in Question

Kashmir is perceived by India as a crowning glory never to be given up. The neighbor, Pakistan, grudges this beautiful piece of paradise as legitimately belonging to them on account of the Muslim majority but India cleverly had snatched it away. Kashmir, under a Hindu Maharaja, on the eve of India’s independence in 1947 was forcibly made to join India.

Happy Endings That Almost Didn’t Happen

Gadhafi’s demise may seem inevitable in retrospect, but it wasn’t. The Libyan rebellion had to be rescued in the nick of time.

Japan Vs China

Japan and China have been isolated during the pre-classical period and the post-classical period. They were some of the only empires that were able to preserve their own unique culture.

Reasons Why One Day We Will All Live In Peace

Promoting a Culture of Peace in Chicago is the mission of the Chicago Build Peace Committee. They work to promote the good values, attitude, behavior and also institutions that help build peace among individuals, families, companies and the city as a whole. The committee have worked hard to make sure that an annual event that takes place every September will be a day to remember.

Children of War: The True Victims

Children are often the first casualties of any armed conflict. Since the nineties, attention has been focused upon Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kosovo, Rwanda, Somalia, Liberia, Cambodia, the former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo…

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