NYPD Det. Wilbert Mora’s Funeral: Older Brother Remembers Him as ‘Loyal’

The Korean War Back In The News

The Korean War was fought about sixty years ago and resulted in an unhappy separation of North and South Korea. This war is still causing reverberations throughout the world and effecting current events. The Korean War began in June 1950 when the North Korean Army (KPA) flooded over the border separating it from the South.

Is the UK in the Eye of a Jobless Hurricane?

The Office for National Statistics said the number of people claiming unemployment benefit fell by 3,700 in October confounding expectations for a rise of 5,000. There was also a downward revision to September’s rise in the claimant count — to 1,300 from the 5,300 initially reported. Could this be fraudsters making an early exit?

Polish Workers on the March

They are arriving by car, plane and boat and most by coaches on journeys that take from 24 hours to 48 hours depending on the final location in the UK. They travel from home to a new country to take up the jobs that the Brits don’t want! Polish workers are returning to the UK to take advantage of the jobs market as the economy slowly climbs out of recession, figures showed yesterday with more than 100,000 having arrived this year, this means that 40% of the jobs created this year have gone to foreign nationals.

The European Union

The European Union (EU) is a political and economic association made up of a majority of European countries. Built upon years of bilateral trade agreements and unions, the EU was formally established in 1993.

The Biggest Challenge Before India Is Her Ignorance of Facts and Lack of Acceptance of Marginality

Indians are the people easy to please. Whenever they hear any positive news about themselves in the international media they break into raptures of ecstasy. Nowadays, the kiss and tell story of America’s embracement of their country has given them fifteen minutes of fame in the eyes of the world.

You Think Things are on the Brink in the US, Japan, China, South Korea – How About the EU Too?

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went home – but when will all the little piggies come to terms with their risks of Type II diabetes I ask? You’ve heard of the acronym PIIGS – which stands for Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain – those are the European Unions equivalents of California, New York, New Jersey, etc. – in deep financial do-do.

How Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Will Be Like No Other

Prince William, the future heir to the British Monarchy, will exchange vows with commoner Kate Middleton in a grand fashion on the 20th of April next year. A sizeable chunk of the worlds’ 6-odd billion people are anticipating this unprecedented event, as this will probably be the most important wedding of the planet, of the century.

Prince William and Kate Middleton To Tie The Knot At Westminster Abbey

Prince William and his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton announced their engagement earlier this month, which was followed by a flurry of anticipation about both the date and the venue. Last week, it was revealed that the nuptials will take place on April 29th – which has now been declared a public holiday – and the ceremony is to be held in Westminster Abbey.

Thailand, A Safe Place For Immigrants In Asia

Thailand has always been a preferred destination for transnational migration in Asia. Its geographic central position in South-East Asia and its open economy have paved the way for Thailand to be considered a safe haven for immigrants, including individuals seeking political asylum.

Pakistan Flood Victims and The Future Considered

The floods in Pakistan were so intense that the number of displaced individuals is almost unbelievable. Worse, the aftermath could get worse. Not long ago, I was having a conversation with someone who had family in Pakistan and he told of the challenges there.

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