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Why I Love Africa

Despite its size and diversity, Africans have established an identity that defies the artificial borders imposed by colonization. Amidst the ethnic and civil wars that seems to suggest an increasingly divided continent, there is a common thread that weaves through Africans and binds them together to a point where they recognize the voice of the motherland regardless where in Africa it comes from. As Kwame Nkrumah said “The forces that unite us are intrinsic and greater than the superimposed influences that keep us apart.”

The Middle Eastern Countries – Past, Future, and Present

The life of the countries in the Middle East in short details. The brief and basic history of the countries of the Middle East along with all the basic details you need to know about each country.

Building A Task Force For Finding A HIV Cure

In the past several years HIV research has made leaps and bounds. Highly active antiretroviral therapies (HAART) have increased the quality of life for most people infected with HIV. But complete relief is far from being a reality.

Facebook is Global and Doesn’t Want to Give Up Its Edge – Values, Integrity, and Diplomacy Debated

What happens when you start a website which grows so large it starts effecting world-wide geo-politics and is involved in the restructuring of nation’s boundaries, and leadership? Well, in walks Twitter, Google, and Facebook and yes, they are effecting human civilizations and societies to a very large degree. So much so, that many nations are considering banning them if they don’t play along with the current regimes, authorities, and prevent civil disobedience, protests, riots, and “days of rage” – which if you’ve been watching the news is exactly what’s going on these days.

Choosing Wisdom for Our Survival

Why is wisdom, so hard to come by and what must we do to find it? First we must shut our mouths and listen. None of us has the corner on wisdom or the final answer within ourselves. We must know each others’ struggles and dreams and find a way to forge ahead together. It sounds almost impossible, but could it be harder than sending people to the moon and back?

Finding Our Way Into the Future With Each Other

Despite the marvels of modern communications technology, we still want to see things with our own eyes and talk with people face to face just as we have over the past several thousand years. Concerts, theater and travel have not given way to instant televised, computerized or smart phone images as some have predicted. If we have not changed in the past hundred thousand years, where are we headed in the foreseeable future?

Overseas Aid: Teaching People to Fish

The British Government has ring-fenced its overseas aid budget at a time when most other areas of public expenditure are being cut. With the government admitting that about one quarter of overseas development projects fail to meet their objectives, people wonder if the country is getting value for money. Criticism focuses on two main factors: corruption, and the tendency to supply disaster relief rather than to promote long-term development, often called teaching people to fish. This article reflects upon the ways in which teaching people to fish was able to bring long-lasting benefits to Ghana and help the country to be more self-sufficient.

China Drought Ending – It is Typhoon Season Once Again, Flooding

Perhaps, you were unaware but in China they were having severe power shortages due to the droughts in much of the country. You see, much of China’s energy is generated from hydroelectric plants along their major rivers. When there isn’t enough water to let out of the dams, they cannot generate the electricity they need to run their factories.

Syria, Iran, and Other Terrorist Regimes: Why They Will Soon Be Deposed

Based on end-times Bible prophecy, the terrorist regimes of Syria, Iran, Hamas, Libya, and Hizbullah will soon be upended. They will be brought down to prepare the way for an end-times treaty with Israel and peace and security in the Middle East.

A Pharaoh Away From Home

Eighteen days was all it took for the country to have an ex-president for the first time in seven thousand years. Eighteen days was all it took for every ruler in the region to become on thin ice with his people after decades of tyranny and suppression.

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