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Manufacturing in China Undergoes Dramatic Changes

While most outside of China have not noticed, China is changing and manufacturing there is not what it used to be. Here is a look at some of the dynamics of Chinese manufacturing and why it will not remain the kind of low-wage assembly center it once was.

Journey From Tigerpore to Singapore

The article is about the legend that surrounds the naming of Singapore, other intriguing myths and facts that still are a subject of debate. The present vibrant Singapore was once a land of roaring tigers.

Misinterpreting Islam

Islam is one of the most maligned religions in the world. History was relatively never been kind with it. When terror unfolds in any part of the world, believers of Islam are always the first suspect.

Cultural Differences Motivate Female Czech Politicians to Take Racy Positions in Calendar

On July 9, 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported that a Czech political party is selling a 2011 calendar featuring photos of its leading female members clad in revealing outfits and posed provocatively. While in the United States such behavior may be considered demeaning, in the Czech Republic it is apparently an expression of the newfound freedom of women in what was formerly a communist society.

Tensions in Kashmir – Problems and Solutions

Kashmir is a land blessed by nature. It is not just the landscape, even the populace is genetically blessed by the Almighty. The all-pervading natural beauty that one encounters in the entire valley is breath-taking. From Pehalgam to Gulmarg, Sonamarg to Baramullah, you can explore any nook and corner and you will be spellbound by the sheer opulence of nature.

CNC News – A New Voice of China Has Been Launched

A Chinese new channel not available in China itself – The latest global news channel is rising as a new source of information for the global audience. After the success story of many globalised channels in English, China also planned this launch so that it could also have a media platform with the global influence but with their own agenda in mind.

Killer Mushroom Found in Yunnan Province, China

For the past 5 years the organisation, Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has been trying to find out the reason why over 400 people have died in the last 30 years. Now they believe they have found the culprit and its a mushroom.

EU and Iran to Resume Talks on Nuclear Dispute

A nuclear program in Iran has been a question of debate for years. It received economical blockade and now it is ready to resume talks with some conditions. The question is, will nuclear disarmament be successful if only new countries are denied to start a nuclear program without asking old nuclear countries to disarm themselves too?

What Does it Mean, For Derry-Londonderry, to Be Awarded UK City of Culture 2013?

Speaking on BBC Radio Ulster, First Minister for Northern Ireland referred to, “the sense of excitement at the tremendous opportunity; the city has not tried to hide its past but has used culture to draw people together”. Deputy First Minister responded, “This is due to the imagination of Martin Malarkey who, 20 years ago, inspired the city’s modern day talents. This united bid moves us on together for social and economic benefits to come”.

Venezuela – Odds Increasing For Armed Conflict With Colombia

The news just came in that Venezuela’s strongman, Hugo Chavez, is preparing for war and has ordered his army to position itself across the length of the border the country shares with Colombia. The pretext for this troop deployment is Chavez’s claim that outgoing Colombian president Alvaro Uribe is capable of anything in his final days in office (his term ends August 7), including launching an attack against Venezuela. Earlier this month, Chavez severed diplomatic ties with Colombia when Uribe announced publicly that he had irrefutable evidence that FARC and ELN, the Colombian rebel groups, have bases deep inside Venezuelan territory, and are aided and abetted by Venezuelan authorities.

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