NYC Woman Caught on Camera Spitting on Boy Is Charged With Hate Crime

Food in a European Capital

Some time ago, I drove to Piraeus (the port area of Athens) for an errand. I was lucky enough to find a proper parking space outside a super-market and was marveling, upon returning to my car, how a bureaucratic task had just finished quickly and painlessly. As I was starting the car off, I noticed a rather unusual sight in front of me.

Mexico City’s Architecture Takes Off

Mexico City has for too long been off the architectural grid. With so much going on in the north, it is a little known fact that the architectural growth in the major city has been increasingly progressive.

Hazara Movement

After nomination of NWFP to Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, the people of Hazara also demand a separate independent province. Therefore Hazara Province Movement (Movement-e-Soba Hazara) started with full action.Baba Haider Zaman became the official leader of Hazara Movement. This movement is all about demanding an independent and differentiated province from Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa. the leader and the supporters of this movement have also faced great difficulty but still there are quite optimistic about the movement. they have strong faith that one day their dedicated efforts will bring fruit to the people of Hazara.

How Clean Are Your Mechanical Seals?

It’s a must for mechanical seals to withstand extreme conditions-in extremely cold surroundings, under the scorching sun, settings with abrupt temperature changes, locations with toxic chemicals, and so on. To cope with these demanding applications, sealing technology is constantly changing. New and improved mechanical seals are produced so that sealing products can last longer.

A New Annual UN Report Predicts That Food Prices and Insecurity Will Increase

A new UN report has concluded that high food prices are likely to continue and possibly increase over the next decade which could lead to increased food insecurity in many countries. The authors of the report, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2011, say that food insecurity is likely to grow and identifies 20 countries most at risk, the majority in Africa but some also in South Asia. They are most likely to be those that are highly dependent on importing food.

Domestic Vote Bank Politics in International Diplomacy

India’s close tie with Israel as a leading partner in Defence sector surprised many Indian citizens on the government’s declaration to support Palestine at its UN bid. Indian citizens have expressed worries on the impact on India’s future bilateral ties with Israel and consider the decision to be hollow only to expose India’s double stand on the assertion for bilateral relations with its neighbor, a special reference is towards India’s continuous refusal to accept Pakistan’s assertion for UN involvement in Kashmir statehood issue. India’s International development and relation policy is not formulated on well considered ground on current international…

New Testament and Mythical Religious Dogma

People question why we have things like child abuse, wars, drugs, slavery and thousands of over unpleasant things such as diseases and disasters, but few question the origin of the religions they believe in and follow. Behind them is fraud, lies, power and control and we all need to wake up and stop supporting the things that are destroying the world.

ABC of Expat Woman’s Life: C – Culture Shock

We are not aware of the culture until we start socialising (family, school, society etc.); a blueprint that we will always use to understand the world and to give meaning to experiences and things around us. People of the same culture share the same way of experiencing, thinking of and solving problems that come on their way. They understand each other because they share the same system. Put simply, culture provides “glasses” through which we perceive and understand the world. So, what happens when two people of different cultures meet? They both wear different pairs of glasses. Even if they communicate in the same language, meanings and interpretations of the same things can vary significantly. This process can be very frustrating.

ABC of Expat Woman’s Life: D – Dimensions of Culture

Cultural Dimensions In order to better understand how cultures differ, Geert Hofstede identified five main dimensions based on which you can compare cultures. When I saw it, a couple of years ago, it became obvious to me (Polish cultural context) why certain things were sometimes irritating or difficult to understand. So, I will use the Dutch culture as an example to describe them.

Hausas and the Cost of Fighting in Jos

The Hausas often consider themselves a unique extraction given that they often rise to lead events in foreign lands of minority tribes within and around them. Uniqueness when viewed critically in this context is a metaphor for numeral advantage and explains their rise to leadership prominence in the lands of minority tribes with whom they co-exist as neighbors. Nigeria’s ethnic population stands at over two hundred fifty.

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