NYC Vaccine Mandate Latest: Athletes and Performers Exempt, Workers Are Not

What Makes Varun Gandhi Angry?

Feroz Varun Gandhi – is a classic example of a kindergarten politician trying to break the rules to jump the queue and reach the upper echelons of the political heirarchy in a jiffy. He may have been nothing but a relatively unknown, up and coming politician till the other day – but today he is one of the hottest subjects of political debate both in the Indian ruling and opposition parties. Instead of climbing up the hard way he decided to make it big by giving irresponsible speeches. Will the move back fire on him?

Agonies of a Village of Wailing Widows

At the end of the day what matters is that Dardpora is a success story which reinforces the belief that women, though soft and vulnerable, have it in them to stand up against all odd and transform not only their own lives but also of those around them. Whereas till a few years ago, the name, Dardpora, itself symbolized pain and sufferings; today it is one of the finest examples of women’s empowerment and change, for the better.

Weak Laws Make Mockery of Democracy in India

If the current trends are to be believed, forthcoming general elections may prove to be the mother of all elections and the costliest in the history involving over Rs 15,000 Crore of public money and 714 million people i.e. the worlds largest electorate (larger than the electorate in North America, Western Europe, and Japan combined).

Saudi Women Boycott Male Salespeople Selecting Their Bra Styles

The women in Saudi Arabia are boycotting the fact that male salesman are the ones that help select their bra styles. They are now flooding the select few women’s only stores for to buy their favorite bra styles. They feel it is an invasion of privacy. In a country that is so conservative that there is a strict segregation of sexes, this is an outrage.

China and the Global Recession – Part 1 – The Domestic Situation

The consensus of mainstream China analysts is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a unified entity that is destined to guide China into a new golden where it will enjoy global superpower status. This sanguine narrative maybe challenged as the current global economic recession has served to elucidate the genuine fragility of China’s political economy. Stability in the immediate future, let alone, decades from the present is not a fact to be taken for granted, but a likely possibility to be continuously observed and evaluated.

A Relatively New World

As we make technological advances in our world culture we also are modifying and changing the past paradigms. A great example of this is the evolution of the newspaper industry. What they publish is picked up and disseminated to the public over the internet in almost real time and worldwide and for free.

The Dulong People of China

A tiny river flows through the mountainous region of the Yunnan province of China. The river is called ‘Dulong’. The term ‘Dulong’ means little dragon. This river flows one hundred and fifty Kilometer to the south parallel to another river named the Nujiang. These two rivers run through ancient ridges which are sometimes as high as 4000 Kilometer. A few tribes have settled in the Dulong river valley. Dulong is one of those tribes and this Dulong people forms one of the ten small-scale societies in China. The Dulong people live in the western part of the Yunnan province. Myanmar and Tibet are very close to this region. Some people have also settled in the valleys of the Dandanglika Mountains of Myanmar.

Poverty in India

Poverty in India is a big a problem now as it has ever been with well over 200 Million people living below the poverty line. A third of the global poor now reside in India and the shocking statistics are highlighted by the huge disparity between the rich and poor. Bentleys and BMWs can be seen parked outside slums and a dying blind man can be seen on the steps on a million dollar building.

Murdered English Teacher’s Family Return to Japan

How time flies sometimes. It has now been two years since the naked body of Lindsay Ann Hawker was found in a bathtub on the balcony of Tatsuyo Ichihashi, with the suspect managing to run barefoot past nine police officers who went to his apartment, and then evading them on foot. This story made headlines back in the UK straight away but it was only after foreign media became heavily involved that this story started to get mentioned by the Japanese media. Interestingly, the Japanese Wikipedia article on Hawker still does not include Ichihashi’s by name, referring to only “the suspect”.

Growing Infrastructure and Transportation in the Dominican Republic

With the lure of the DR and the backing of investors, the economy in the area will continue to grow. The DR has proven it is going to be a force in the marketplace.

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