NYC Subway Rescue Caught on Camera: 2 of 3 Who Fell Onto Track Survived

A History of Paper Lanterns

There are many different and fascinating stories about the importance of paper lanterns in celebrations. One of the earliest stories of lantern festivals tells of the bird that flew to earth from heaven.

Iceland’s Unique Response to Icesave Repayment Proposal

It is often said that the political climate in the United States is poisoned. Partisanship is dead on all fronts and woe are we! Well, the truth of the matter is that political bust ups have happened throughout history and happen in just about every county regardless of the type of government or issue at hand. Still, the recent vote in Iceland won the Icesave repayment proposal has proven that people can unite!

We Have United Nations Tissues!

I always wondered how helpful the various UN entities are. Although their role cannot be ignored in many countries, their actions in others let me wonder about what they are doing. This is an article about what I witnessed in one of the countries I visited.

Tibetan Uprising Anniversary

Since the early 1950s China has cemented its invasion of Tibet by constructing airfields, building roads leading to India’s border, stationing over 10,000 People’s Liberation Army troops in Lhasa, destroying monasteries, executing monks and sending thousands more to labour camps. 99% of monasteries were destroyed and it was the beginning of a systematic cultural genocide.

Don’t Volunteer to Help Haiti!

Americans have responded with abounding generosity to help ease the unimaginable suffering in Haiti. If you’re thinking of volunteering there to help, think again.

Chinese Internet Users Vs Chinese Economy

The decline in the number of Chinese Internet users has affected the Economy in China, as the New Economy is propelled by the advancements in internet and any changes in the usage has a direct impact. In the nascent stages, when internet was a new concept, the number of internet users has been steadily increasing.

Brazil’s Economic Growth – Reducing Corruption

A short article on the issue of corruption in Brazil looking at ways in which the country is attempting to curb its effects. Readers can also gain direct access to an interview with one of the leading anti-corruption campaigners in Brazil at the bottom.

Ireland Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Part Two

We returned to Ireland again on a number of occasions since that initial visit and we witnessed first hand the changes, good and bad, that had overtaken the Emerald Isle. My wise, aging uncle, one of the few relatives left by 2000, profoundly said, “We’ve traded our soul for prosperity.” And, indeed, a phenomenal prosperity had swept the country by then, accompanied by a sea change in Irish mores, culture, politics, and outlook.

What Visa Do I Need For an Internship in India?

In India, there are many different types of visa, for example for tourists, businessmen, journalists, and researchers. International interns come to India on several different types of visa: Tourist Visa, Entry Visa, Employment Visa, Business Visa or Student Visa, none of them being applicable to all internship scenarios.

Haiti – Disaster and Opportunity

Much attention has been focused on the recent disastrous earthquake in Haiti. While this is certainly a newsworthy story, there is another one that has not been as widely publicized but that is newsworthy as well, and it is a more positive one.

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