NYC Subway Hammer Attack: Survivor Shares Her Remarkable Survival Story

Why Support a Mission to Honduras?

Why support a mission to Honduras? My own family is enough to support. Learn how you can support missions and take care of your family gift needs, all at the same time.

The Global Credit Crisis – Time For Business to Revisit Budgets and Cash Flow Projections

Today’s credit crisis is the worst disruption to the global financial system in the lifetime of almost everyone alive today. This is truly ground-breaking stuff, and no one can be at all sure where it will end.

After the Global Financial Crisis Comes the Global Humanitarian Crisis?

2008 becomes the year of global crisis. First the worldwide food crisis then what now seems to be, a collapse of major financial institutions. How will this succession of crisis influence humanitarian aid funding? Will there be any money left over?

More Help Needed For These Poor Little Girls

In Ethiopia thousands of young girls suffer untold torture and pain due to early childbirth. In a country where slavery, rape, discrimination and condemnation is practiced, the children of pre-puberty marriages cannot escape their fate. Given away to future husbands many bear children before the pelvis and womb are mature enough to deliver them.

Iran Regime Change is Necessary Immediately to Prevent a World War

The country of Iran and their nuclear weapons program is a huge issue with the world community, worse, their President has promised to ‘blow Israel off the map” which would not be anything more than rhetoric, except for the fact that Iran funds Hezbollah some 100 million dollars per year. Hezbollah as you know is a terrorist organization. Iran is also close allies with Syria and they have a war-pact that if either of them goes to war with any nation that the other will jump in, and Syria has 10-terrorist organization head quartered there. Meanwhile…

Ronald Weinland and the Final Test of a Prophet – The Weinland Window

We are nearing the end of the year. Israel’s trigger finger grows more itchy by the day. America’s future hangs in the balance. Rogue nations and enemy countries stand at the gates. And Ronald Weinland’s words remain. The name of his book was “Endtime 2008 – Gods Final Witness”. Regardless of what has happened in the past, this is make or break time.

Ronald Weinland and the Repentance of a Prophet – Presumptuous Or Fallacious?

For many, July 16th was the final day of the window of time wherein Ronald Weinland would be tested. If his predictions/prophecies came to pass within that window, he would be a true prophet. If not, false. A recent development has changed all that. Ronald Weinland recently wrote this post on his website, in which he declares he was presumptuous in his “45 to 90 days” statement – and that he no longer believes it is true.

How Mahatma Gandhi Stalled Kashmir’s Independence

M. K. Gandhi, pioneer and perfector of Satyagraha – the resistance of tyranny through mass civil disobedience, played a very shadowy role in the politics of Kashmir. He was successful in preventing the Maharaja of Kashmir from declaring independence and thus paved the way for a forceful accession of Kashmir. This article details how.

The Rise Of Sudden Death In Nigeria

If the eating habit of the upper and middle class Nigerians is not changed, there may be an epidemic of unprecedented death syndrome in the country, which will arise from cerebral and coronal artery disease in middle aged people. Sounding this alarm has become necessary in view of recent increase in the number of people who “die suddenly” or die “without any apparent cause”.

Why China is Not a Superpower Yet

It is difficult not to be impressed or indeed afraid of such a powerful nation, but is China really ready for superpower status? Has it achieved it already? This article aims to dig a bit deeper and understand that despite these impressive claims, China is not yet as advanced and perhaps as powerful as you might imagine.

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