NYC Shove Suspect Freed as Mourners Prepare to Say Goodbye

World Peace Issues – President Barack Obama Heralds Global Spiritual Renewal and Social Wellness

Awaiting the arrival of the main participants for today’s US Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, the world celebrates renewal and hope for increased global wellness, abundance and peace. Hundreds of thousands of US and world citizens are now crowded into the vast space between the Capitol, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. Individuals and small groups of people started streaming in from as early as 3:00 this morning.

Barack Obama 2009 US Presidential Inauguration – Jamaican Witnessing World History Shift and Unfold

From my vantage point here in Jamaica, I have been watching thousands of persons from all over the United States and the world streaming into the District of Columbia and the mall to witness history unfold. My feelings are joyful, thankful and expectant of increased world progress unfolding.

Politics in Modern Africa

Africa is a mosaic of natural wonder, cultural richness, and sundry ecological features; nonetheless, it stands out as one of the poorest and least stable continents. Because of divisive European practices, namely diving and conquering, African nations have endured seemingly endless generations of despotic kings, brutal strongman, and military juntas amid fighting small-scale battles with neighboring countries.

The Role of Oil In Nigerian Economy

Oil production has also had a profound effect on Nigeria’s domestic sector. One way to characterize its impact is by looking at the rents produced by oil – that is, the returns in excess of production costs – in the Nigerian economy. From 1970 to 1999, oil generated almost $231 billion in rents for the Nigerian economy, in constant 1999 dollars. Since 1974, these rents have constituted between 21 and 48 percent of GDP.

Tokyo Has Grown in Size and Culture

Tokyo was not always the huge metropolis that it is today. It was originally a fishing village and went by the name of Edo. However, this once small fishing village did not remain small for a long period of time.

Taking a Look at the Government of Japan

If you are not familiar with the government of Japan, then the thought of having a ceremonial figurehead that is the great symbol, may seem a little different. This is the role that the Japanese Emperor holds, as he holds no true power but is there for ceremonial purposes. The Japanese government does have a Prime Minister, who is an appointed official.

Dance Bars Were Shut Down in Bombay

City which never sleeps… Bombay (Mumbai) apart from being the commercial hub of India has always been famous all over the world, for its glittering and shimmering night life; a city (of razzmatazz) which never sleeps! It has borne the brunt of many political upheavals including the media onslaught for being run by a parallel Government and even controversies like having connections with Middle East (Dubai). It has earned a reputation of being a place for rejuvenation for the business community and the corporate heads from India and the neighboring countries as well.

The Chinese Japanese Relations Have Evolved

There has been a long Chinese Japanese historical relationship. China has been very influential throughout history regarding Japanese culture. Once the relationship began, the Japanese people learned many customs from China, including their different architectural methods, their philosophies and even religious beliefs.

The Boat is Sinking – Zimbabwe Issues $100 Trillion Note

Zimbabwe broke all records in terms of currency when they issued a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar. Prior to that, they already have 10, 20 and 50 trillion notes circulating in the market. However, 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollars is currently equivalent to $30 only. The new denomination can get you up to 4 loaves of bread.

Social Wellness and World Peace Issues – Are You Riding the Wave of the World Consciousness Reset?

From a global social wellness perspective, the planetary life reset button has been clicked. Life as it is currently organized on the planet is not working for the vast majority of human beings now alive. From the perspective of consciousness and Life’s natural impulse to create balance, this situation requires clearing and healing and synchronicity occurs to allow this rebalancing to occur.

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