NYC Sets Date to End Indoor Vaccine Mandate, Masks in Schools

Impact of Food Crisis – Today and the Future, Globalization Or Protectionism?

Food crisis for a growing world population is right around the corner. In just 2 more decades we are likely to enter a very real situation where many underdeveloped countries are likely to be ignored by developed and developing countries. We have already been given a taste of that during 2009’s global recession.

Iceland Volcano Eruption – Volcanic Ash Cloud Spells Danger and Brings UK Airports to a Standstill

There is certainly something to think about when you think of the most recent event of a volcano eruption in Iceland. The entire United Kingdom has ceased all of its air travel and has not released a guaranteed time when this will be lifted. I am surprised at the number of people that are actually complaining about this decision to stop all UK flights due to the Iceland volcano eruption, the severity of flying is not just a precaution.

Effect of Economic Reforms on Medical Schools in Romanian Universities

An article stating the improvements in medical schools in Romanian universities and how the introduction of Romania into the European union has brought drastic changes to the medical sector. It also states the advantages for students studying in Romania.

Hugo Chavez’ “Media Guerilla” Youth Reminiscent of Cultural Revolution

Recently released film clips of Venezuelan minors dressed in uniforms pledging their allegiance to the cause of president Hugo Chavez’ Bolivarian Revolution sent chills around the world. For some it conjured images of the Hitler Youth, or Mao’s Cultural Revolution, or perhaps even the Khmer Rouge.

Brazil’s Largest Ever Economic Growth Programme

A short introduction into Brazil’s economic growth programme focused on improving the infrastructural foundation of the country. This article is of interest for anyone with an interest in investing and/or doing business in Brazil.

Haiti – What Can We Do About the Haiti Situation?

The rains are coming. What can we do quickly to shield these folks from the rain? What can we do with all the rubble?

Report Addresses 2010 Growth For Major Canadian Cities

While not at the level of Vancouver’s Olympics-fueled vitality, Edmonton and Calgary will enjoy economic rebounds in 2010, according a report released April 3. According to the Conference Board of Canada’s Spring 2010 Metropolitan Outlook that profiled 13 cities, Edmonton and Calgary will see growth of 2.9 and 2.8 percent, respectively, this year.

Bullfights “Sold Out” at the Feria De Abril

Bullfighting is the national sport of Spain and its popularity across the world has been on the rise in the past decade. In the Mediterranean, the practise of sacrificing bulls date back to pre-historic times.The bullfights of Seville are world famous with matadors from across Spain and even from foreign shores descending on this Mediterranean holiday spot.

The Real Facts Behind the Child Poverty in The UK

Child poverty disgraces the fourth richest nation on earth. Poor kids in the U.K are starving with hunger and are being forced to do child labour which leads to child poverty. It’s the bleak that U.K is the one of the powerful countries on this planet, but in this rich country rate of child poverty is very high.

Iceland Volcano – Time For Plan B, C, D

How did the Volcano eruption in Iceland affect you? I had my flight canceled and spent a fortune calling Air France to find out what was going on! How many other people did you know who got stuck somewhere? Others nicer places to get stuck New York, Eygpt, Buenos Aries!

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