NYC Police Chase Ends in HOME CRASH #shorts

International Problems and the Need to Resolve Them

The adverse effects that the environmental hazards are causing to health are of a serious concern. There are other economic and social consequences from the environment which contributes to ill health. It is not just a local concern but a serious issue that has to be resolved by gathering international response.

Terror Tremor Felt Again in India

On February 13, we witnessed another terror strike in Pune when a powerful bomb ripped apart German Bakery near a Jewish prayer house, killing nine people, including five women and two foreigners, and injuring 60 others, in the first major attack since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Read more…

The Role of World Leaders – To Draft Out a Global Resolution!

The role of world leaders such as Kofi Annan and Arch Bishop Desmund Tutu has been tremendous. They have been persevering and working tirelessly towards bringing peace in the world. Man is good by nature but he will end up doing mistakes unknowingly for which he has to pay a heavy price.

Japanese Houses

Although many different types of housing can be seen in Japan, generally the living area is smaller than in other countries. Some houses are designed and furnished in a Western style, but most still retain the traditions of earlier housing styles.

Egyptian Pig Farmers Suffer From Swine Flu

In Egypt the government ordered the slaughter of all its countries’ pigs. Despite no reported or confirm cases of Swine Flu in the country, the decision was taken to get rid of all the nation’s pigs.

Indomitable Torch of Reformation

Inquisitiveness is the origin of overall development of the personal as well as the organizational. Consciousness is the base of inquisitiveness.

Global Issues Concerning the Planet – What Can Young Leaders Do?

Our earth is facing a lot of problems due to man’s own foolish activities. Cutting down of trees has led to solid erosion and has increased the level of carbon di oxide in the environment. It has gradually destroyed the natural habitat of animal and other living creatures thus contributing to their extinction.

Desmund Tutu and His Role in One Young World!

The Arch Bishop Desmund Tutu is a tireless campaigner who fought recklessly against apartheid in the year 1990. One Young World, creates next generation of world leaders who would address the most pressing issues affecting our world.

Future World Lies in the Hands of Potential Leaders – How?

The pace at which the world is heading towards, one has to draw a line to this and curb human actions. It is due to human’s activities that the ozone layer is depleting. The composition of the atmosphere has been changed due to human beings. There have been frequent changes in the weather patterns.

The True Story of a Recurring Global Devastating Earthquake That Kills Two Million People – Part 2

This is the Second Part of the true life story about a very devastating earthquake that consistently kills two million people annually but an apathetic World pretends not to know about it; and indeed feels happy to ignore it. We continue our narration from where we stopped last week.

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