NYC planea eliminar los campamentos improvisados de las personas sin hogar | El Minuto (Spanish)

Knocking on America’s Door, and Being Turned Away

An American citizen, a Peruvian woman, happily married, and wanting a lfe in the United States Of America. A certain government organization, managed and manned by some downright mean people. The happy couple, denied a life in the U.S. by this organization. We now live in Peru, likely never to set foot in the U.S., and not by our own choice.

When the “Red Ponchos” Come Marching – Bolivia at a Cross Roads

As Evo Morales claims the ills of the Global Economic Crisis on neo-liberal capitalism, he is finding that he can no longer get funding from the Global Banks even for his most productive sectors. All he is asking for is 100-200 Billion and normally an emerging nation in good economic standing would have no problem achieving such a loan.

Recession and Mexico – Living Without So Many “Needs”

Living in Mexico can make one recession-proof, but only if one is willing to learn from the locals. How much do we really need, and why do these needs drive us over the economic cliff?

Strategic Infrastructural Development in Spain

One of the most well known examples of game theory is the prisoners’ dilemma, in which the outcome of someone’s decision depends on the decision of the other “player” in the game. Another example of game theory is where bluffing may or may not affect the decision of the other. Poker playing must have influenced the development of game theory.

Russian Polls – North Korean Ramblings

Scanning the Pravda Web site I found this article about a poll of Russians conducted by the polling agency VTSIOM, which I think was actually taken over by the Russian government a few years back. The poll concerns foreign assistance with the promotion of democracy, which, suffice it to say, Russia could use some assistance.

The India of Our Dreams in the Next Millennium

One of the most exciting civilizations to watch in the next 50-years has to be India. India has done a most excellent job with its education focus and many projects. They say a nation is only as good as its education of 20-years the prior because if education fails so too will the positive progression of the country.

Low Intensity War With Gaza

On Tuesday Israeli Defence Forces destroyed a 245 meter tunnel emanating from a civilian house at Gaza Stripe. Since then the region has engaged in small scale war.

Balika Vadhu – Child Marriage That Still Exists in the Indian Society

A programme named ‘Balika Vadhu’ has recently been launched addressing the practice of child marriage.This practice started 4000 years ago in India. Many things changed through the course of time like discrimination based on one’s caste, women emancipation, economic and social growth of our country, etc., etc. But there are things that even 4000 years of time hasn’t been able to eradicate. Sadly, child marriage is one of the social vices that till date exist in our country. In this article various issues related to child marriage that have been shown in the serial have been mentioned.

Communication In The Modern World – More Essential Than Ever

Communication and speech are ever changing. This is in all likelihood due to people changing continually. While people are the principal factor as to why communications undergo a change, there are several related factors as to why people need to be constantly brought up to date with regard to their communication abilities. It is due to this that the significance of communication abilities is unquestionable.

Global Leadership – 4 Challenges Facing It

In today’s world, all leaders have to face up to the challenge of developing their leadership abilities to the highest level through global leadership development, which is being effected across the globe. Herein lies the key to the ever-increasing demand for excellent and effectual leaders.

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