NYC Mayor Adams Announces Fate of Mask, Vaccine Mandate for City

Key Highlights About Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

You may not know this, but the world’s tallest building was changed to the Burj Khalifa right before it launched. The reason for the name change was that Dubai wanted to show how appreciative it was for the financial aid it had gotten from Abu Dhabi, which is a country right next to them that gave a lot of help last year when the economy of the world was at a crisis level.

You Can Make a Difference to the Electricity Crisis in South Africa – The Solution is in Your Hands

Everywhere you look today the world is suffering. There are major problems with energy all over the globe, and the use of fossil fuels to run electricity plants is growing more than ever before, while the natural resources are dwindling almost as fast.

Anti-Semitic Attacks in Europe Increasing

More the Islamic penetration increases, more anti-Semitism raises as a response of any military action Israel may decide…What EU is doing to stop this? Practically nothing.

Air, Rail and Sea Freight Rally Together to Help Deliver Hope to Haiti

When natural disaster strikes, it is highly humbling how nations can pull their resources together and helps those in need. After the Haiti disaster, the world called in whatever help they could find in order to try and acquire international aid in an area that was devastated by an unseemly earthquake. One industry that has stepped up to the plate and offered their transport aid is the international freight industry.

CANAC2 Operational – Is There a Future For CANAC2?

A new air traffic control system, CANAC2, becomes operational in Belgium. Europe’s airtraffic management systems needs overhaul and the abundance of ATC centers will need to be adjusted to reflect the real needs. Will the new CANAC survive the rationalization drive?

Five Reasons the War on Terrorism Will Never Be Won With Foreign Invasions

The United States can bring down bin Laden but we do not need to send military forces to foreign nations to do so. Here are five reasons why that won’t work.

Glimmers of Haiti in Illinois Quake

You wake thinking something exploded. Someone hit the house with a hammer and everything shook. You jump out of bed because something has just happened, and yet the house is quiet.

Left With No Solution – Haitians Burn Their Dead

Background check on Haiti after the massive earthquake gives a new report on the death toll from the quake’s wrath. At present there are still corpses already decomposing under the rubble. Burning the corpses may be something foul for many yet to be judged is the least thing they need; what they need now is help.

Five Ways the USA Still Influences the World

Despite the fact that the USA is still suffering from a failed economy, the USA still surprisingly influences much of the World. What are the five ways the United states still influences the World?

Africa Continues to Obtain Hand-Outs From US – What is Next?

America has been generous to other parts of the world; especially to third world nations such as Africa in giving donations on an ongoing basis. Millions of dollars are raised annually by many nonprofit organizations in the name of poor Africans however, the problems haven’t vanished neither have they deteriorated; rather worst.

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