NYC Mask Mandate Latest: Young Kids Can Soon Ditch Face Masks in School

The Whole World to Support Iranians

Democracy and choice are factors that improve our mental health. This is a factor we Iranians are experiencing now more than ever. Millions of us are grieving the loss of our votes for change and reform.

Is it Safe For Americans to Travel to Iraq Today?

No one will ever forget where he or she was when first witnessing the image of two planes crashing into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Since that tragic day, and the beginning of this war, too many lives have been taken. David Bowie sings it clearly in his song “I’m Afraid of Americans,” saying that his fear cannot be helped, and in the mean time he will not pretend. Other than the distaste of glam rock stars of the 1970s and the French, are Americans safe to travel to foreign lands, such as Iraq? Even with homeland security working over time?

National Budget – Government to Impose 25 Percent Tax on Mobile Phone

In pre-budget talks people were expecting government to reduce tax on mobile phone SIM to reignite the already struggling telecom operators. Telcos also urged government to reduce tax as they subsidized the amount to provide SIM for less.

The Value of the Holiday Pound is on the Rise – Good Or Bad Thing?

After several months of deep concern, including a time when the UK Pound sterling rate almost leveled down to parity with the Euro rate, the prospects for holidays in Euro Zone destinations for UK travelers seemed bleak indeed. But this rise in the value of the Pound could still be seen as good news.

Inside Iran, The Real Problem – How it is Going to Be Solved

After the June 12 presidential elections in Iran, confirmation of reelection of President Ahmedinejad by the Supreme Leader Khamenei and his rejection by the opposition groups and demonstrations by thousands on the streets of Tehran and other major cities, the Media have been spending hours per day presenting their observations and the analysis of the situation by many who are considered expert on the subject. But it does not present how the clerics so confidently exert power in suppressing the people and freedom and why the reformers and an overwhelming majority of Iranians are having so much difficulty in advancing their goal of democratization.

Parthenon Saga, 2009

Greece’s newly opened Acropolis Museum is certainly a wondrous spectacle on a wondrous landmark. However, the new museum is just as much a political turn in a giant chess battle to return historically significant fragments of the Parthenon’s frieze back to the rightful and original owners.

Introduction to the Rivalry Between Leon and Granada, Nicaragua

You may have heard about the rivalry between Leon and Granada. So what’s the beef? When did this start and what is it all about? It turns out that this one goes way back to the very origins of colonial Central America and continues up to the current day.

Interesting Facts About People Who Send Money to Colombia

Facts about sending money to Colombia. Today large amounts of money are being send to Colombia from other parts of the world.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Jane and Carroll in Kibera

Kibera, is a very difficult place to live and most days are focused on survival. Like many places, the citizens wake in the morning and begin their day. Here though, life is anything but ordinary.

What Are the Best Russian News Sources?

Russia is a country undergoing profound change and, following the fall of the Soviet Union, re-establishing itself on the world stage. It is becoming more and more important that people keep up to date on the latest news from Russia. This article introduces the main Russian news sources that any follower of Russia should acquaint themselves with.

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